Love The Little Things #13


Harry went to playgroup with my mum this week so I could have a morning to myself. Last time they went together he came back with a Valentines Card for me and this time he came back with a decorated poem which was really sweet.


This, a couple of times. 


Harry is obsessed with Wall-E at the moment (as well as Turbo, Toy Story 3 and Cars). He tries to sing along with the song at the end and we always have to get up and dance whilst he sings "down ooo the ground"


An exciting purchase. See below.


Jellies. Wooooo.

And lastly...

It's been a big week this week when it comes to the boat. We have now less than 2 weeks until she returns to the water. My husband has been working hard sanding, painting and varnishing the boat and we finally were at the stage to add her name to the back. It was quite a big moment really as she hasn't had a name on her for years and I think it's kind of been frowned upon that she didn't have a name on her.
On Thursday this week my husband collected Charles from school and they went over to have some boy time on the boat fixing something. It was nice for them to have that time together. They didn't get back until 7, as I was putting Harry to bed, and asked if we wanted to go to Pizza Hut. We'd already eaten but I sent them on their way.
When they came back it was lovely to know they'd had that quality time together, which they haven't really done before.
I hope they do it again soon.

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