My Husband | 25 Things I Love About You

Firstly, let's take a moment to appreciate the amazing bokeh in the photo above.
Appreciated? Great, let's move on.

25 Things I Love About You


1 That you order beef and tomato from the Chinese yet never eat the tomatoes.

2 How hard you work.

3 Your utter hatred of people sniffing.

4 How handsome you look in your blazer.

5 How passionate you are about the boat.

6 How much you put up with my love of Joules and my need to visit a store if we are near one.

7 How you laugh at your own jokes.

8 How you laugh hysterically at some tv programmes.

9 Your passion for politics/a certain party.

10 How you think I should win every blog award I am eligible for.

11 That you let me walk down the aisle to Ricky Martin.

12 How you've started to buy the boys little things from the shops if you think they'll like them.

13 Your lasagne.

14 The fact that you love date nights.

15 That you put up with me.

16 That you are older than me.

17 You are great at buying presents.

18 You are a great hot water bottle.

19 You know some fab places to visit when we have family days.

20 You pay my car tax and for my petrol.

21 You listen to me.

22 You make me laugh.

23 Your passion for me breastfeeding our children.

24 You want the best for us.

25 You chose to spend the rest of your life with me.

Happy Birthday xxx

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