Love The Little Things #15


This may be a bit of a cheat but...the weather report. I've been obsessing over this with the boat returning to the water on Wednesday we were hoping and praying for a sunny day. Rain was forecast on Monday and Tuesday and part of me felt as though we wouldn't be lucky enough for nice weather whilst she returns and settles into the broads, but we were lucky! Yay!!
I'll be keeping an eye out for the next week too as we have a sailing lesson next week and a weekend on her planned for Easter.


The boat return to the water! We also made a friend at the boatshed and his boat returned to the water just before ours so we headed down to the river to watch that.
I am amazed at how the men at the boatshed are able to move the boats around and go within cm's of boat with the tractor and manage not to hit them.
I was amazed.
I also watched my husband work so hard to get the mast up and to get the sails on. As someone who hasn't done that before, ever, I couldn't believe how well he did. I am honestly so proud of him.


I know people compare TOWIE and Made In Chelsea but when it comes to theme tunes MIC wins by a long way. I absolutely love it and recently got very confused when it featured in a car advert. With the return of Made In Chelsea last week I had to go to Youtube and find this song again.


Friends. Part of wanting a wooden boat, especially moored where we are, is the community we picked up on during our first visit when we viewed what is now our boat.
Everyone is so welcoming and supportive, and even better they welcome the boys and it makes me feel so happy that they don't judge us or think we are out of our depth.
We're quite sad that one of our friends is selling his boat and moving abroad and despite only knowing him a couple of months we will really miss him and his wife. I'm hoping we will keep in touch with them. He has been a fantastic friend and really helped us to get our boat ready and to get her launched. We couldn't have done it without him.
And the boys think he is fantastic too.
This week my husband helped another man to move his boat up the river and again, he was so friendly and welcoming. It's all about having something in common, something to share, that it's almost like we are all friends already without ever meeting. We find ourselves talking to people and then as we are about to leave we say "Oh, I don't even know your name". We don't have many friends so this is really heartwarming to be accepted despite only owning a boat for almost 4 months and having never sailed before.


With two days of standing around and waiting and getting on and off the boat I had to wear something comfy. I didn't really want to wear my Uggs on the boat as they can be quite wide and are just not at all practical really.
My Converse were perfect though and despite worrying that they were going to never stop causing me blisters as they did when I first bought them they have been fab!

And lastly...

This week was haircut week. The boys have needed one for ages and I get really anxious taking them because the last couple of times we have been I haven't been extremely happy with the cuts so once again was looking for somewhere else to go.
The place I went this time was empty so the boys were able to have their hair cut at the same time so I didn't have one bored boy waiting for the other one.
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