Love The Little Things #16


As well as watching footage on YouTube I have been reading up on the Oscar Pistorius trial. I am so late into getting into it but it's addictive and fascinating. Gerrie Nel really seems to know his stuff and astounds me.


I'm really into watching various videos on Youtube and one of my favourite Youtubers is Vivianna Does Makeup. In particular I love watching her Weekly Vlogs, as well as Lily Pebbles' too. They both seem down to earth and like they haven't got an ego (unlike other Youtubers).


An old skool classic. Oh hey. Tell me you don't love this.
It came on the radio and I was singing along to it and realised the words really mean a lot to me when it comes to particular friendships I've had.


Bad diet choices! Oh man. I've been doing well-ish with my diet. Watching calories and so on and then this week had just been manic and has involved late nights and a fridge with out of date food. We need to work out how we can eat on the boat and create healthy meals and also have food in that we can whip up quickly late at night without relying on the takeaway man.
I did make a nice lunch of just chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn, tuna and a tiny slice of cheese to try and balance out the rubbish I've been eating. It was yummy.


Totally not a flattering photo of me but ya know....a lifejacket.
We took the boat out a few times this week so the life jacket was needed. We don't have the big bulky ones like the boys do. Ours are quite comfy and not at all restrictive. They self inflate IF you hit the water....which hopefully won't happen.

And lastly...

I'm gutted that the Easter Holidays are almost over and that Charles returns to school on Tuesday. We didn't get as much done as I hoped this two weeks, due to busy boat things and because of him having chicken pox.
I've really enjoyed having him home though and feel super sad that I won't get to spend all this time with him until the next school break.

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