Love The Little Things #17


It is haircut day for me today so I have been on Pinterest trying to find some nice hairstyles to see if I want to go for something different or just stick with a trim. That counts for read, right?


We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty this week and...I was a tiny bit disappointed. I felt like it didn't really go anywhere and I did get the 'laugh out loud' moments I usually do when it comes to a Ben Stiller film. I felt asleep before the end so had to watch it the next day. I thought it had 20 minutes to go but there was just 5, and the ending was really predictable.


On Monday I went to the theatre with my mum. We saw 'Tap Factory'. They were amazing to watch but by far the best bits for me were when they were playing the drums. I had to really stop myself getting up to dance. This video doesn't show them off the best, the sound isn't at all like it is in the theatre.


Purchases! Lots of purchases. On Monday I went on a shopping trip to Norwich with my mum. It was really lovely. I got some tshirts, shorts, cardigans and jumpers for Charles as he is desperate for some new clothes. For myself I bought 2 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of trousers, a dress, a tshirt, cute trainer socks, and a vest top.


A smile on my face. Cheesy I know but this week I have felt quite happy. Not due to my new tablets just yet but down to some lovely happy moments.

And lastly...

We had a weekend on the boat last week. Well, two days because we had to go home early due to a sicky accident and a sleeping bag. Harry tends to sleep a lot on the boat so far. He looked so adorable and then shuffled around a little and slept like this....with his eyes slightly open. It was quite creepy but I still think he looks so cute.

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