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When I got my new Samsung Galaxy S4 I was worried about smashing the screen. I had seen so many iphones with smashed screens and didn't want to have to go through that so, even before the phone had been delivered, I had a case.
The case didn't last long, and in fact within 2 weeks my screen had cracked in the corner. Since then I've been through a few cases mainly because the quality wasn't top notch. I'm fussy with the design I have. I don't want anything plain and want something funky or a bit different to everyone else.

Of course the best way to have a funky phone case that is different to everyone else's is to have a personalised one.

Mr Nutcase provide cases for most phones and have a range of designs available if you didn't want to have a personalised case.
To design a personalised case is really simple and easy.
You can choose from a simple Ultra Light Weight Slimline or Executive Flip Leather Style (which will protect the screen). You can choose to either have one image on the case or to create a collage.

I had a play around and creating a collage is simple and easy, although I chose to go for a case with just one photo.
Having the option of being able to move a photo around, zoom in or out, or rotate means you are able to make sure the case is exactly as you'd like, and you are able to avoid anyone being cut off by the hole created for the camera and speaker.

The photo I chose was this one:

I was hoping that the brightness of the photo and the colours would be exactly the same and I wasn't disappointed.
The photo onto prints onto one side of the flip case, the other side is just white. Which is fine, although being able to have a photo either side would of course be better but the fact this isn't offered isn't a problem at all.
The plastic holder for the phone is attached to the case really well and doesn't feel like it will break at any point (unlike cases I've had in the past).
There is a magnetic "clasp" to close the phone, and keep it closed. This clasp is really strong and certainly won't pop open at any point.

The case flips down rather than to the side as per other cases I've had. This again isn't any thing to complain about and isn't a problem, but, my only complaint is that I can't have the case closed when the phone is on charge.
The case would benefit from a hole at the bottom so a charger can be put through and connected without the case being left open.

At £19.95, with free next day delivery, I think these cases are fantastic either to buy for yourself or as a gift to others.

I was sent this case for the purpose of the review
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