Siblings: The Family Portrait Project | April

As each month passes I am noticing even bigger changes in the boys relationship. They are certainly getting closer all the time, and are real best friends. They completely adore each other and couldn't do without the other in their life.
The biggest change I'm seeing at the moment is based around power, and who is the boss. For a while it was Harry. He seemed to join the family with ease and then somehow become the leader, again with ease.
There have been times I've really felt sorry for Charles. He backs down a lot, being the sensible older one, but now he really seems to be trying to stand up for himself. I don't mean by fighting. I won't stand for that. But by other means.
Not only that, but he is amazing at trying to teach Harry knew things. New words, colours, numbers, songs and so on.
And they constantly want to dance together whenever a song comes on.
Harry has rhythm, Charles doesn't, so it's funny to watch and is one of the times Harry really SHOULD take control.
A moment that always fills my heart with love and happiness is when they choose to walk a couple of steps away from us, holding hands. I don't openly make too much of a fuss because then they will stop, but I love to watch them, trying to hear their conversation. They look so natural walking along together and it makes the hard times so worth it. Those moments when I question being a good mother, I look at them holding hands, being best friends, and that love that they have for each other and I know I have done a good job.

I love watching them together. They really are the most amazing children. We have our ups and downs, but who doesn't? That's what parenting and life is about.

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