The Ultimate Relaxation Space

I think for a lot of parents having your own space is really important. Somewhere to go away from the stress of being a parent, if there is such a place, away from the piles and piles of toys and clothes and homework which seems to grow and grow every day.
Parents need a space to be able to relax, lay back and read a book or watch television or even for mum to sit and paint her nails without the worry of her children grabbing the bottle and spilling it everywhere, or putting it on themselves. Or in fact the worry of having to smudgeher freshly painted nails either.

My ultimate relaxation space would be my bedroom, but with a lot of tweaks.
Firstly, a bigger room. As we live in a modern semi-detached house the bedrooms aren't huge. I would want enough space to be able to put in a big fitted wardrobe with shelves and hanging rails and shoe racks.

I would also like a room with an ensuite, so I can go to the toilet in peace and have a shower with no one else watching.

I rarely get to watch the programmes I like until my husband has gone to bed so my perfect relaxation space would have to include a tv bed. TV beds are such a great idea because they leave enough wall space to be able to hang up lots of photos, mirrors and other pretty things and of course would save having an ugly wire up the wall too.

I would have enough space to have a trunk at the bottom of the bed to keep soft faux fur throws in. The bed would be covered in big fluffy cushions.
The walls would have floating shelves which would be scattered with beautiful scented candles.

And lastly, mood lighting. A couple of pretty lamps placed in the corner of the room to create a calm atmosphere yet enough light for me to be able to see to paint my nails.

What would be in your ultimate relaxation space?

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