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When it comes to home security it is obviously incredibly important to us, as it is to everyone. We are good at locking windows and doors, locking the back gate and so on but you can never be too careful.
As far as we were aware CCTV units for the home are expensive and would take a lot of installation, that was until we were introduced to the Watchbot.

A Watchbot is a simple plug in and play device and takes around just 5 minutes to set up due to being wireless. My husband set the video up on his phone and said it was simple enough to do by scanning a QR code on the instructions.

What we loved the most about the Watchbot, other than the quality, price and ease of set up, was that it
has so many uses. Not only can it be used as a security camera to protect your home, it can also be used as a baby monitor, security for business premises, and as my husband likes to use it in the daytime, it can be used to keep an eye out for any deliveries you are expecting or for the postman.
Due to the small side it is very discreet so won't be seen by anyone you are "spying" on, and also doesn't create an eyesore in any room you choose to have it set up.

There are some fantastic features of the Watchbot which really impress us.
Firstly is the fact that you can interact with whoever you are watching by simply pressing a microphone button which is on the screen (when viewing on a mobile, we don't have a tablet so we've only been able to test it on a phone) and talking into it using the built-in microphone and speaker. We've tested this a few times and each time it has worked perfectly. The sound is really clear both ways.
The other thing we really love is being able to control the Watchbot and turning it left, right, up and down just by using the control on the mobile phone screen.

Other great points are that you can record any footage onto the optional onboard micro-SD card, or to any connected device. There is also infrared and motion detection which you can activate, and, if triggered, the camera will alert you to any movements - you will know exactly what is going on, day or night.
And as it is wireless you can use the device anywhere around the home or business premises.

My husband is really amazed by this piece of technology and as we can use it for many things is considering purchasing more for added security.

Priced at £149.99 it's amazing that it has so many uses and so many features, and creates piece of mind that IF anything was to happen you will have the evidence to use, or indeed be able to stop someone in their tracks.

We would recommend this for both household use and business use too.

We were sent the Watchbot for the purpose of this review.
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