Celebrating 10 Years of Frugi

Now Charles is getting older we are letting him be a little more independant in certain areas. Choosing his own clothing for one.
When we were approached to help celebrate Frugi's 10 year birthday and to celebrate their range of clothing now being available for children up to 10 years old. Charles was chosen to represent 4-5 year olds, a job he tok very seriously.
We took our time in choosing our items, with such an amazing range of tshirts, long sleeve tops, shorts and trousers we were really spoilt for choice.
I gave Charles full control of his outfit and he went for this "super awesome and really funny" tshirt featuring a T-Rex eating an ice-cream and the blue, green and red check shorts.
One thing I like particularly about the boys range at Frugi is that it's different to other items elsewhere. We struggle to find colourful, funky, cute and funny tshirts that aren't too childish/grown up/branded with tv or film characters, or with slogans we don't tend to like.
I like the range of colours available, and that there is a different design on each tshirt.

The fit of the clothes is perfect. Charles is quite tiny so we really struggle with shorts and trousers that fit his waist. Even with the pull in elastic inside to make the waist smaller on the shorts or trousers he can still look silly as the material bunches up.
With these shorts we didn't have this issue at all. Although they were too big around the waist, as we suspected, we were able to adjust them to fit perfectly, and it didn't affect the way they hang either.

The cost of the items is the only thing that would have held me back from purchasing, HOWEVER, the cost is completely justified and the quality of the clothes is a lot higher than other cheaper products we buy. These would be items I would buy over a series of weeks rather than one big bulky shopping spree. I also don't mind spending a little more on clothes for Charles as they will eventually be passed down to Harry.
The shorts are really well made, and the details in the pockets and the stitching detail makes them even more special.
So, don't let the price tag put you off.

The tshirt costs £15 and the shorts cost £26.

To find out more about Frugi please visit their About page. I absolutely loved reading this page and I think it's the best company about page I have ever read. I love the story behind the company and the illustrations used.

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