Love The Little Things #19


I was super excited to see the schedule for Britmums Live go up this week. I already have a rough idea of the sessions I want to go to.
Last year I did the same and ended up skipping some of them (walking out of two) and feeling annoyed with myself.
I won't put too much pressure on myself this year and as long as I go to the sessions I really think will benefit me then I'll be happy. I think it's equally as important to catch up with friends and make new friends too.


I've really missed watching and following a series so I've recorded Prey and caught up with Happy Valley. I liked the first episode of Happy Valley but the second one didn't keep me locked for long enough.
I will still stick it out though.
I still need to get round to watching Prey.


I absolutely love this song and for a long time was convinced it was Peter Andre on the vocals. It's not, but still....it sounds like him right?


Yet more weight loss progress and I am now at a loss of a stone and a half. I am delighted. I did make a major fail on Monday by having a McDonalds breakfast, although it made me sluggish the rest of the day so although I enjoyed it I won't have another soon.


When I went on a shopping trip with my mum I treated myself to this oversized tshirt from Primark. My mum isn't a fan of it but I really love it. It's comfortable to wear, a lot more flattering than it looks on the photo below, and is super practical to wear with jeans on a sunny day.

And lastly...

Oh the excitement of booking the boys birthday party! I was very much in the "they will not have a party, especially not a hall" frame of mind but on May 1st I went PSYCHO and after a chat with my friend ended up booking a local hall. I was planning on getting a bouncy castle at home and then the realisation that these plans are totally unsuitable thanks to the Great British weather my friend phoned up the hall for me and booked it for June 22nd.
For an extra £30ish it's worth it and the boys can now invite more friends.
Anyway, this week I finally made up my mind with the bouncy castle and this happened:
As we are having a Monsters Inc/Monsters University themed party I think the Space Hoppers will make great ride on monsters. I might even set up a course the children have to try and go around.

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