Love The Little Things #20


Our sailing certificate! I'm so happy, excited and proud to have passed Level 2, when I didn't even think I would pass Level 1. It's an amazing feeling.



I'm not sure if it is good to reveal this but I am absolutely addicted to tacky MTV shows. I keep watching Ex On The Beach and Geordie Shore. Although I enjoy these programmes they do make me feel really really old.


Charles and I went to a birthday party on Sunday and as per birthday party rules we listened to some super cheesy music. Cha cha slide anyone? Ooooh I love it.
I am also loving this some at the moment too.


With us sailing all last week we had to plan lunch everyday. There is an amazing pub near where we sailed everyday and where we would meet our instructor. 3 days we had lunch there which was SOOOOO tasty. On the other days I made a really yummy wrap. I used mini wraps and spread on some goats cheese and sliced up some cucumber and baby plum tomatoes. It was amazing!


On Monday the weather was not our friend. I wore jeans which our instructor was shocked at and asked if I had any waterproof trousers. I confidently said "Oh no, I don't need them, I'm fine in jeans".
10 minutes later it rained, a lot. I was moving around the boat, sitting in puddles and then realised that waterproofs would be ideal. We dropped our instructor off and went for lunch, when we joined him back at the boat he had brought me a pair of waterproof trousers. They were massive but after an afternoon of thunder storms and really heavy rain I was so pleased to be wearing them.

And lastly...

I felt so disconnected with life last week due to the sailing. We were pretty busy from the moment we woke up as I had to do the school run, then we had to drop Harry at my mums, drive to the boat mooring, take the covers off, motor over to meet our instructor....blah blah get back to the mooring, get the boat all set up for the night, drive to get the boys, get home at anytime around 7-8, boys go to bed, rush dinner. I was so tired too that sitting to blog or read blogs even felt like such a chore. I'm looking forward to getting back to life this week and spending proper time with the boys and trying to get the house in order.
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