Love The Little Things #21


Oh I'm sure I won't be the only mentioning this this week. But the UKIP hashtag on Twitter was amazing. Nigel Farage wanted to get #WhyImVotingUkip trending....and he certainly got his wish, just not quite how he probably expected it to though.
I was going to choose some favourites but there are so many that made me laugh out loud. If you haven't seen the hashtag you MUST.


I finally got round to watching Bridesmaids. I'm not usually into films like this, I find them too predictable and samey but I really enjoyed it.
I got behind on watching Happy Valley, mainly because I forgot to set it up on series link so had to keep downloading it on On Demand, and also because episode 2 lost me a bit. I'm glad I decided to grab Episode 3 and watch it this week, along with Episode 4. OH MY GOODNESS!! I have been left feeling sick, sad and so upset. It's one of those programmes that makes you scream at the tv for it all to stop.
It's very good, but very hard to watch.


This song, I absolutely love it and I know I've featured it last year at some point but it's one of those songs that makes me want to pull the car over and dance in the middle of a field to.



More healthy dinner choices this week, my favourite being a salad of baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, a little bit of feta cheese (Oh how I wanted to add the whole slab), red pepper, 3 chicken goujons, sweet potato chips. It was heaven.


This week started off super sunny and I decided to walk to school a couple of times as well as going round to my mums and to the beach to meet with friends. Harry and I chose to wear our Raybans and he told me "We beenin cool togeda" and it made me smile so much. He kept telling me that I looked cool, and I had to say the same to him.
I stopped wearing these glasses for a while when I put on weight as my face was so round they looked stupid. Thanks to losing weight I can now wear these again. They are really special to me as they were a gift from my brother when Charles was a baby because he was so proud of me.

And lastly...

I've started to pack for Britmums. I know, I know, it's a month away but I can't help it.
I have new pjs which I won't wear until the day, my outfit for the Saturday won't be worn until the Saturday...and you know, I'm just a teeny tiny bit excited.
Last week I tried on the dress I really wanted to wear on the Saturday and couldn't believe that not only does it fit, but it's a tiny bit too big. Yay!! Despite my plan to buy a brand new cardigan I then found this one in the "putting away laundry pile" and PERFECT! It's like they were made for each other.
Now I just need to work out which shoes to wear.....

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