Pet Facts Video Infographic

One thing I tend to find interesting when meeting new people is finding out about their pets. I think it's a great conversation starter and I think you can learn a lot by someones pets.
I love learning about different breeds of animals, the reason behind people chosing particular breeds and so on.

As a cat person I've found that conversations with other cat people will tend to at some point include insurance and whether or not we have it. After having a horrible experience with a very poorly cat a couple of years ago it is now something that is essential for us.
I think when you have a variety of pets it's hard to know where to go for insurance and whether or not to go for a specialised company for a certain breed or type of pet.

Petplan have created a really fun and interesting video infographic giving all sorts of facts about pets in the UK, including popular breeds, popular names and popular animals in certain areas.

Did any surprise you?

I recieved a voucher in exchange for this post.
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