Siblings: The Family Portrait Project | May

This month was almost a Siblings fail. An hour after this photo was taken Charles started feeling really poorly. He fell asleep on the boat, then we transferred him into the back of my husbands car as we didn't have the cushions in the boat yet, once we got home he fell asleep on the sofa, and then the floor in his bedroom.
Two days later Chicken Pox appeared and thankfully he didn't suffer too much.
Once his had cleared some more appeared....although this time on Harry, and he suffered a lot worse. Spots covered his face, neck, scalp and body. I have felt totally helpless as I've rubbed his body with a cooling foam that made him freak out so much that it was like he was possessed.
We are now coming to the end of it although he is still suffering.

I am so grateful for these photos which I took actually on the day the last Siblings post went live, if not this month would have been a disaster.

I'm seeing some really big changes in both boys this past month. Some good, some not so good. I think it's really clear, to me, that I have a different relationship with both of them. Of course I am a mum to both and it's not that I have a favourite but I think it's down to their personalities that make us different. I parent them both them same, and both with always be my baby and although it's odd seeing them differently, I think it's also nice that it's not the same.
Whether or not this will change when they are older I don't know, as Harry is still only little after all, but I'm pretty sure me and Charles will always have the closeness we do as he seems to understand me more than Harry does. Almost like we have a inner connection or something, I know he knows about my anxiety and insecurities and depression even though I have always tried to hide them from him and haven't told him about them. But then that is a whole other blog post entirely.

This month I am sending you onto Hayley at Shutterflies, my favourite humans ever who has two of my favourite small humans ever too. I can promise you will enjoy the treat she has in store on her blog.

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