Siena with Kids: Where to Go and What to Do

Tuscany is a dream destination for a holiday but is it equally as dreamy if the kids come along? Parents don’t want to be stuck in a place that isn’t kid-friendly, but Siena, like the rest of Italy, adores children and that's why this little city seems to be on every parent’s lips.

Some narrow and winding streets are a bit steep if you’re manoeuvring a pushchair and in summer cold drinks, sun hats and sunscreen are a must for you and the kids. Fortunately, there is a walking tour designed to make it easier for parents, kids and pushchairs. Your other option is a rented car because you’ll find driving and parking a little easier in this city without too many scooters that are so popular in
Italy. To make the whole experience in Siena pleasant and easy from beginning to end, you can find interesting accommodation opportunities online on booking sites like http://www.venere.com/italy/siena/. You will see there a plenty of inviting options waiting for you, but you should always remember to check their exact location as well as their child-friendliness.

In the heart of the city is a large and lovely piazza called Piazza del Campo. That's where
Siena's beautiful Duomo is situated and where you can have lunch at one of the eateries serving delicious Italian food and the kids can run around without disturbing anyone else. Older kids can enjoy playing on the steps of the Palazzo Pubblico. Parents, who can, climb the nearly 400 steps to get a breathtaking view of Siena.

Many parents wish they had received a word of caution about
il Palio that takes place on July 2 and August 16 each year. It’s a huge and well-known festival of horse racing around the Piazza del Campo. The city fills up to bursting with visitors and there’s an exciting atmosphere, but if your kids are younger than teens, it is preferable not to attend it.

Siena is a medieval city with many beautiful sites that can be interesting not only to parents, but also to kids. Thankfully, there are tourist guides who make it exciting for kids. They get to see the steps where St. Catherine lost two front teeth, Raphael’s red leggings, weirdly crooked pillars of Santissima Annunziata and ancient buildings and churches with engravings of dragons, geese and owls. Kids are enthralled and without knowing it, soak up all the knowledge.

It would be hard to find any parent who doesn’t enjoy good food and wine while on holiday and many are delighted to know they can attend cooking classes. Their first question is what to do with the kids? Well, in
Siena, you take them along. Mom and dad learn how to cook a tasty Italian meal for lunch while the kids get stuck into making and playing with pasta dough.

Siena is a city much loved by parents holidaying with their kids because there are more than enough sites and activities to keep both adults and kids happy and entertained. 


Photo credit: Piazza del Campo - Siena by Philip Capper (CC BY 2.0) 

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