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When it came to the boys birthday's this year I had a big decision to make. Do we throw them a small party at home? Do a bowling party? A party at the gymnastics club? Or hire a hall?
At first I planned to host the party at home, with a bouncy castle in the garden and nibbles for their close friends.
But during a chat with a friend of mine and reminding myself of how unpredicatable the Great British weather is, and her encouragement that actually hiring a hall is only £28 for 2 hours...the guest list wouldn't be that limited if Charles wanted to invite more school friends, I decided to book the hall.

Then came the panic. I needed to keep this on a strict low budget. I booked the hall from 2-4 to cut back on a big lunch buffet of which half is usually discarded in a big black bin liner, instead opting to have a table of little nibbles.
But once I thought about paper plates, cups, decorations, invitations, balloons, and of course party bags, I wondered if a small budget was realistic.

I was given the opportunity to review party website Tiger Feet. Having a quick browse on their site I was amazed at the choice available. Birthday parties for adults, children, colour themed parties or Disney themed parties, every supply you need is available.

With £50 to spend I decided to give myself a challenge and to see how much I could get for my money. I looked on the site and loved the Monsters University items so checking that the boys were happy with that we chose it as our theme.
I could have easily bought a few Monsters University items with the £50, and bought everything in the range, but I decided to go down a different route so although I would be sticking with our theme, I would be able to get more items.

I chose to buy 2 Monsters University table covers which will be a really great base for the theme decoration. I also bought some Monsters University napkins and decided to go away from the Disney theme with the plates and cups and instead just followed the blue, green and purple colour scheme that runs through the Monsters University merchandise and brand.
I went for 3 packs of square plates, one pack of each colour, and the same with paper cups.
The coloured plates and cups were a bigger pack and cheaper than the Monsters University plates and cups, and I felt would look better than a full on *MONSTERS UNIVERSITY* table overload.

I was quite picky about the shades of plates I used, as I wanted the colours to really match the colours of Mike and Sully, so taking a risk I went for ............ and was delighted when they turned up and couldn't be more perfect.
This is one thing I particularly love about this site. If you are sticking to a particular colour scheme and want a particular shade it's pretty likely that Tiger Feet stock it. There isn't just once choice of blue or green.
I wasn't quite sure what to do for the party bags. I ummed and ahhed about getting plain bags but then decided that as I had cut back elsewhere I would then splash out on the Monsters University party bags.

I also bought a Monsters University 'Happy Birthday' banner as well as a 'Happy 5th Birthday' banner and a 'Happy 3rd Birthday' banner.
As for balloons, I chose a pack of purple, green and blue ones and also bought some blue and silver streamers to hang on the wall near the nibbles table.

I didn't want to blow the budget on invitations so bought the basic blue invites. We sent out around 32 invites (and have gradually added other people Charles "forgot about") so keeping the costs down with these seemed really sensible. 

Lastly I couldn't resist some sugar googly eyes. I want to make some monster jelly pots and/or some monster biscuits and these would be perfect to stick on top to create a simple by odd face.
Here is a run down of what I got for £50. (Actually I overspent by £3.33 which I added to the cost myself)

Birthday Glitz Prismatic Silver Serpentines 12pk  x1  £1.09
Birthday Glitz Blue Birthday Party Invitations 16pk x2  £4.78
Birthday Glitz Prismatic Blue Serpentines 12pk x1  £1.09
Pretty Purple 7" Square Paper Plates 16pk x1  £1.35
Caribbean Teal 7" Square Paper Plates 16pk x1 £1.35
Lime Green 7" Square Paper Plates 16pk x1 £1.35
Value Pack Pretty Purple 9oz Paper Cups 14pk  x1 £1.29
Value Pack Caribbean Teal 9oz Paper Cups 14pk  x1  £1.29
Value Pack Lime Green 9oz Paper Cups 14pk x1  £1.29
6 Monsters University Party Bags  x6  £7.74
Monsters University "Happy Birthday" Banner x1  £4.99
20 Monsters University Paper Napkins x2 £4.98
Monsters University Plastic Tablecover x2  £5.98
3rd Birthday Plastic Banner x1 £1.10
5th Birthday Plastic Banner x1 £1.10
11" Lavender Latex Balloons 8pk x1  £1.25
11" Robin's Egg Blue Latex Balloons 6pk x1     £1.79
11" Lime Green Latex Balloons 6pk  x 1 £1.79
Sugar Googly Eyes x2 £3.78

Delivery: Standard Delivery – within 3-5 working days        £3.95-
Sub total                                                   £53.33
Discount                                                    £50.00
Order total                                                  £3.33

I have very little additonal items to now get for the party and am amazed at how much I got for my money.
I think the trick is to have a theme in mind and to stick to that theme but also to suss out how you can step away from the full on branded items and instead subtitute with value items, or just colours, yet still make a big impression.
Our value pack items (cups, plates and balloons) really compliment the Monsters University branded items and I'm sure will make a really good impression to our party guests.

The Tiger Feet party website is so easy to navigate round and I found it easy to find the products I wanted using drop down menus and the search bar. With a website that stocks so many items I was really impressed at how user friendly it is.
The prices of the products are all really reasonable and the delivery was a reasonable price as well as being super quick!

Our party is towards the end of June. I will be writing a full review of the items then and showing how I put everything together.

I was given £50 credit to use on the site for the purpose of this review.
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