An Interview with a 5 Year Old | Video

Two years ago Emma from A Matter of Choice shared a fantastic idea of interviewing your child on or around their birthday, and continuing to do this every year to see how different, or similar, the answers were.
I chose to film my interview with Charles so we can look back on it in years to come, and also so his answers weren't edited at all.

I considered not doing this again this year but changed my mind after seeing Jenny's interview with Jenson and wanting to do the same with Harry.
If you want to join in these are the questions asked (I took out number 19 though and replaced it with a different one right at the end)

(please excuse the wobbly camera work and the fact you can hear me much louder than him)



Love The Little Things #26


Well, I had these great plans to read on the way to London and although I really tried with my book there was a lady sat near me who talked NON STOP for the WHOLE journey. I couldn't concentrate at all. I was quite frustrated really, although of course I'm not complaining because she has the right to talk but I was quite looking forward to that reading time.


It's been lovely reliving Britmums through peoples posts and videos. I particularly like My Two Mums video, not just because they are good friends of mine of course.


One of the highlights of the Saturday at Britmums Live was the bloggers keynote. I missed this last year but this year not only did I see it, but I stood on stage and introduced Kirsty's post I Don't Have To Be The Target.
I was so proud to be stood there with Kirsty and I think she did an amazing job.
I didn't read all of the keynote posts before Britmums because I wanted to hear them "straight from the bloggers mouth".  The three that stood out to me the most (other than Kirsty's of course), and had me choked up were:

Grenglish We Need to Talk About the M-Word
Sandy from Baby, Baby reading Adrift: A real life cancer story
Keynko reading I overhead what you said… 

These women were/are truly amazing to be able to stand there and read these posts. They must have been hard enough to write but to stand there and say them with so many people staring at you, and listening to you...such a brave thing to do.


Espresso coffees! I bought a jar of Nescafe Espresso and I ADORE it. It's perfect to quickly make before the school run every morning, especially now we've started to walk to school (for the extra exercise) and time is limited and I *NEED* that extra boost.


 Freshly coloured hair, pearls, a pout, and a smile.

And Lastly... 

I finally lost my Wagamamas virginity!! Wooohoooo!!
The duck dumplings were amazing as was the Katsu Curry (I think).
I will definitely be eating there again, well probably at our local one, not the one in London.



Capturing Colour | Purple

We are now on Week Four of the Capturing Colour project.

This week our chosen colour was purple. I thought this would be easy, there is purple EVERYWHERE. Except all these purples were discovered when I was out....without my camera.

A lonely peg | My husbands buttonhole from our wedding | A bulb | Polish I will never wear | 
My wedding bouquet | Cadbury's Chocolate

Other bloggers taking part in this project are:
Kirsty: My Two Mums
Hayley: Shutterflies
If you want to join in please feel free (it is not a linky) and please use the hashtag #capturingcolour on Twitter and Instagram.
The next colour to capture is Yellow.



In the days following Britmums Live I think a lot of people spend time reflecting. Reflecting on what they've learnt, who they've met, the brands they visited and so on.
I am no different. And I think it's all part of the process, all part of the "comedown".

Last year was a massive deal. I would be meeting so many people for the first time. It was my first blogging conference and my first time being in a big room with a lot of people whose faces I recognised from a tiny Twitter avatar, and people who I knew so much about by reading their blogs.
This year I felt a little more relaxed as I kind of knew what to expect. My list of people to meet wasn't as long as last year and I was really looking forward to catching up and having a proper conversation with those who I met briefly last year and had since become a reader of their blog and talk to them occasionally on Twitter or Instagram.

I think we all feel a bit fragile at events like this. Well, maybe not all of us, but I would imagine a lot of people do. To all of a sudden not being protected by a computer screen. To all of a sudden have to be us, to show the real us and that can be hard. It's easy to be confident behind a screen, not so easy in real life.
I think I became super sensitive and incredibly fragile, maybe unnecessarily, maybe not, but scrolling through Twitter and seeing people tweeting each other saying "I need to meet you" and so on I felt jealous. Jealous that this year, that wasn't me. My goodness, I know that makes me sound like such a brat, but I promise it will make sense at the end.
I felt jealous and somewhat hurt I suppose that those I thought were more than online friends didn't seem to want to chat other than a quick hello. And I suppose the worst thing about that is that you then analyse yourself and think "Why don't they want to be friends outside of the internet? Maybe we are not as friendly as I thought. Maybe I really am just "a reader" and not a friend".

On the train home I felt a bit deflated, as I saw people excitedly tweeting each other and I felt a little out of it. I was already super emotional after leaving my friends. I felt really open and also really alone.

And so the last couple of days I have been in a full on reflection mode. Thinking about what I could have done different, wondering if maybe I am just unapproachable or simply not someone people want to meet. And that's fine.
And then I realised that actually, it doesn't matter how many people you meet. What matters is who you meet. Quality not quantity I suppose.

And for me, ulitmately, it was those people who I have followed for 3 years. Those who I have talked to on and off for 3 years, or simply people I am aware of but never really talk to as our paths don't cross. Those who I recognise as if I have known them and see them everyday.
Sonia {This Mummy Loves} was one of those people, and I remember seeing her and hugging her as if I had met her before. It wasn't until yesterday when I realised we didn't actually introduce ourselves. And that is nice. The fact that we assumed the other knew who we were.
I had a total FanGirl moment when meeting Alison Perry {Not Another Mummy Blog}, so much that I think I may have just kept looking at her during the 2 days and wanting to spend time talking but not knowing what to say.
Meeting Kate {Wit Wit Woo} was amazing. It's fair to say I didn't think I would ever be friends with Kate, she is waaaay out of my league but sitting and eating dinner with her on Friday and having a chat on Saturday made me realise that maybe I am good enough to be friends with someone like Kate. One thing I appreciate in life is people who make you feel good, just by being around them. Those people who let out this amazing energy and who you can look up to yet feel equal too at the same time.
Someone similar to Kate is Mari {Mari's World}. Again, someone who I look up to and I felt kind if honoured to be able to have a really lovely chat with her at the hotel on Friday. I would love to have the presence of Maris and really admire her.
And one of the highlights of the whole weekend was FINALLY meeting Helen {The Crazy Kitchen}. Oh my, she didn't disappoint. If I could have spent every minute of Britmums with Helen then I would have done. Seeing her face squished against the window at Wagamamas was more exciting than I ever thought it would be.

Meeting these 5 women made me realise that it's not a popularity contest. I never wanted to be one of those people who is looking for the next person to meet, to go home with a massive list of people I had short and quick conversations with. And looking at that list, and seeing that I met people who have been a big deal in my whole blogging "experience/life/journey" so far is perfect. And I feel quite fulfilled at that.

It doesn't matter whether or not people want to meet you, or even know who you are. It doesn't matter if people are saying bad things about you, it doesn't matter if you lose followers.
It doesn't matter if you meet 5 people or 55 people, or even 105 people.
What matters is being yourself, leaving and knowing that you didn't pretend to be someone you are not.
Looking back at who you met and being happy, and feeling in some kind of odd way that you have achieved something.
Feeling good about yourself that those you admire will talk to you, and do have time for you. And them living up to your expectations.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter that my Twitter feed didn't include any "I want to meet you" tweets, it doesn't matter that people looked at me and looked away, it doesn't matter that people didn't know I was there.
What mattered was that I have been able to leave feeling good about myself without all that.

Ultimately, I didn't go to Britmums to feel popular, or to be popular. I went to learn, and to come away with experience.

And of course to spend quality time with my best friends, which made that time even better.



In A Room Of So Many

One thing I really like about Britmums Live is the variety of sessions and how unpredictable the numbers are in each session. By that I mean that in one session the room may be packed, and in another there may be a select few making it a little more intimate.

One of my favourite sessions was Storytelling.
"Storytelling: Learn how to share your experiences, compellingly, from someone who’s turned motherhood stories into a musical CREATE
Emily Beecher, Good Enough Mums Club"

I went to a storytelling session last year and really enjoyed it and almost considered not going this year as I felt that maybe it wouldn't be that different. When I then saw the clip of the Good Enough Mums Club on YouTube I knew I had to go to the session. If someone could create a musical like that, then I would be silly to not go to a session run by her.
I found the session really good and made lots of notes, I had to leave early because....you know....too much wine the night before and that feeling of "oh my goodness, it might be reappearing anytime soon".
Anyway, part of the reason I loved the session was because of Emily.
There are some people who you can almost "fall in love with" without even speaking to them or knowing anything about them. Those people who, just by looking at them, you want to spend time with, you want to be friends with, you want to know lots about them. And I found Emily to be one of these people.

So after the session I was really looking forward to the sneak peak we were lucky enough to get from the Good Enough Mums Club after the bloggers keynote. When Emily got up to introduce the ladies performing she gave us an insight into her background and the reason for the show, how it started and so on. And all of a sudden, it felt like everyone else left the room. 
It felt like Emily was talking straight to me.

As she spoke about deeply personal things, images she saw in her head as if those things were happening, had happened or will happen I just wanted to run to the stage and hug her and tell her how much she had made me feel normal just by telling her story.

I've shared a lot about my anxiety and depression on my blog. It's not something I'm ashamed of. But I have held a lot back, mainly because when I have shared it with people they have laughed or just don't understand. And for the past few months I have been seriously considering just writing it all down. Putting it out there. And saying that actually, it's NOT funny to go through this. 
For people who can say "actually that will never happen" or "you should accept that it didn't happen and just move on" to actually realise that to me these things are real and although you don't experience it, or understand, it doesn't mean it's easy to get over. If it was, I would have got over it 5 years ago when it all first started.

I'm not usually the type to go over to someone after a talk at Britmums but when it was all over and most people had left I couldn't just walk away. And I was brave and went over. I planned to be cool and to say thank you and to give a little insight into what is going on with me. But I got nervous, and I cried (no surprises there hey?!). But we hugged and I thanked her for making me feel normal.
I told her that I felt she was talking straight to me, and not to anyone else. I felt as though I was supposed to be there at that point, like fate I suppose, like I was meant to hear that.
I realise that other people have anxiety, I have never thought I was the only one to suffer from that, but I always felt that I was/am the only one who saw/see's these intense and sometimes so real images and scenarios in my head. To the point that I stand there and wonder whether or not this thing has happened, will happen or is about to happen.

Emily made me realise that I am normal. And that there are others out there who are like me.

I realised that it's ok to talk about it, and that maybe it would be best to just get it all out. And if people find it funny then that's their problem, not mine.

Emily. Thank you for talking to me, in a room of so many.


Too Much Wine, Too Many Tears

As I write this I am sat on a train on my way back from Britmums Live. I planned to hold back on posting about it until next week. To write a nice balanced post, but as I sit and reflect on the weekend and write in my notebook I notice a theme. And it's all to do with Friday night.
I feel if I don't write about it now then it will keep in my mind and I need to try and move on, and address a few things.

I am not a heavy drinker. I rarely drink at all. I never go clubbing or to the pub with girl friends. So I had planned to have fun with my friends and relax, have a couple of drinks (be merry not really drunk) and just be Lauren. Not mum, not wife, not daughter. But Lauren.
What happened wasn't me at all. It certainly wasn't the way I ever wanted to be seen by people in this community, by people I've never met before.....great first impression hey?! To say things I can't remember and maybe even say things I didn't mean.

I feel humiliated, embarressed and ashamed.
It's not really fun when someone is like that is it? When your friends have to look after you. When your friends have to escort you out of somewhere in search of carbs. When you are not aware that you are being too loud.
It's not fun to have people coming over asking if you are feeling ok. People you have no recollection of speaking to. When you wonder just how many people saw you in such a state.

When you sit there and cry because your friends didn't win the awards they were nominated in, and you are supposed to be supporting them and saying it's ok but instead are kind of doing the opposite, you know you have gone too far.

When you can't remember the awards finishing, you can't remember leaving the venue. You can't remember getting to the restaurant, you know it's not good.        
When you know you cried FAR too much for the most ridiculous reasons. You cry at people you've only just met, you interupt conversations, you become a pest, the kind of person people don't want to be around. That's when it's gone too far.

I am ashamed of how I acted and I can't help but to think that I completely represented myself in the wrong way.
I am sorry to anyone I annoyed.
I am sorry to my wonderful, amazing friends who had to look after me. Who weren't able to have their own fun because they had to watch me.
But I am thankful to those friends too. So so thankful.



Love The Little Things #25


We went to Duxford Imperial War Museum on Saturday to celebrate Charles' birthday. I saw this written on a few posters and postcards around the museum and it really connected with me for some odd reason. I couldn't resist buying a postcard of it at the gift shop and currently have it taped up near my laptop.


Again at Duxford, there were planes taking people up every so often and it was lovely to watch them taking off, flying and then landing. I'm actually scared of planes so it really tested my anxiety and so on but the boys really enjoyed it.
(This photo was taken by Charles on my DSLR)


Still loving Spotify I purchased some headphones so I can listen to music on the way to Britmums if I want to and also to listen to music when I go out to exercise. On Sunday I went for lunch with my mum and met her at the train station. As I walked there I was listening to my playlist and as I sat and waited for the train to arrive (my mum got on at an earlier stop than me) Kate Bush Wuthering Heights came on. I adore this song and have some wonderful memories due to it. I managed somehow to not sing as loud as I could in the train station whilst surrounded by other people.


It's the boys birthday party on Sunday.....argh!!!
I made them some fairycakes...ok that's a lie. I bought plain fairy cakes and have decorated them. They re not perfect but I'm sure 4 and 5 year olds will love them.


It's Britmums Live today....woohoooo!!! I wanted to wear pretty nails and after a vote on Instagram and asking Harry his opinion I have gone for this, and I LOVE it.

And lastly...

One word: packing. Nuff said.


My First Running Outfit

A month or so ago I decided enough was enough and that I really needed to do something about my weight. For a while I was so unhappy with my body for so long but had so many excuses not to eat better, not to exercise but enough was enough.
I had this sudden urge to eat better, and go for walks, and I really enjoyed it. The walks weren't all too successful as I pushed myself to walk in the rain, in the mud and only had Converse and Jelly shoes to wear, making it both challenging and uncomfortable.

Walking, although great, quickly became not enough and inspired by friends around me I wanted to move onto the next level and think about jogging or starting to run. The only thing holding me back was my lack of running shoes and suitable clothing.
I then had the opportunity to choose some items from online sports shop sportsshoes.com.
Being in no way sporty whatsoever I was a but daunted at the prospect of having to buy items that I really had no idea about.
I didn't know how I would go about ordering running shoes online but the handy video on the website explaining about trainers and foot shape really helped me to narrow down which shoes would be suitable for me and then to choose something which suited my budget.
I am inbetween sizes so can be a 7 or can be an 8 so the fact that they stock half sizes was really helpful. I ordered the Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 Women's Running Shoes in 7.5 and they are perfect.
As soon as I put them on I could really feel that they are well structured and would support my feet correctly.

I had seen running outfits that other bloggers wear and with some advice on trousers from Katie I went for the Nike Tech 2 Women's Capri Running Tights. You will see a theme as it seems I prefer Nike (this wasn't intentional). I was worried to be a curvy girl in these tight trousers, especially as I would be wearing shortish tops and personally I don't think this is a good look. However, thanks to the support and the material the tights are really quite flattering.
I also worried that maybe they would feel uncomfortable because of being tight but my goodness, they may well be the most comfortable trousers I have.
For a top I went for a purple Nike Graphic 14 Were Women's Training Tank. This is really light so will be lovely to run in to keep me cool as well as comfortable.

I wanted to really make sure I was looking after my feet and so ordered a 3 pack of running socks. I have a "thing" for socks and these are so comfortable. They are a little bit thick but still don't affect my shoes or make them feel tight which I think other thick socks would.

I also ordered some shorts. The fabric is soft and really comfortable. I am planning on wearing these down the beach when I get time to go down there to exercise soon.

I worry about gaining new hobbies because of money you have to pay out but all of these items cost just under £90, which is fantastic considering the quality of the items, the fact they are Nike and that it included a pair of running shoes.

These clothes arriving has given me the push and encouragement to get out and exercise. I feel so much better about myself, in the way I look and the way I feel about my body. The trainers and trousers in particular really make me feel confident when I go out for a walk/jog/run and don't make me feel like such a fraud.
I'm pretty sure that in the near future I will be purchasing more running and exercise clothing from this website.

I was sent these items for the purpose of this review.


Capturing Colour | Green

We are now on Week Three of the Capturing Colour photography project and I am really loving it.
Week three's colour was green. After obvious photos for blue I wanted to stay away from the obvious "green = grass" and go for something different.
On Saturday we visited Duxford Imperial War Museum and I was noticed green in places I wouldn't have noticed before.
From buildings, to planes, to doors, to uniforms- and a sneaky photo of some people stood in their camoflauge great and a bright green beret, and some location pins. I was really spoilt for choice and rather than bombard this post with tons and tons of photos I have selected 5 of my favourites.



World Cup Widow

I have to be honest, part of the reason I love my husband is that football isn't a part of his life at all. He doesn't have a team he supports, and very rarely watches a game. He complains when football is on the tv because it's usually interrupting other programmes. Conversations with friends and family can be awkward if the topic of football comes up, especially when talking about a big game that was on the tv that night.
But, this all goes out of the window when the World Cup is on. He turns into a different man.
I will be stood in the kitchen and rather than hearing The Simpsons I am hearing cheering, and booing, and excited commentators and I realise that....I temporarily have a husband who likes football.

I have become a World Cup Widow. Something I never thought I would be.
When football is on I am trying to busy myself with other things. Heading off for a run, or a bath, or....doing housework.

Ladbrokes Bingo came up with a fun game for those of us who are not quite as passionate about football as others.
The World Cup Widows Bingo Card features lots of scenarios your partner is likely to do during the games and you cross off each as it happens. So far, I have 5 crossed off although not in a row.

To make the World Cup a little more fun in your house, if like me you are not a fan even if it is England who are playing, then this bingo card is certain to make it a little more bearable.

World Cup Widows

What's in my Britmums Live Bag?

Last year I stressed about what to take in my "hand luggage" bag to Britmums Live. I stressed about what to put in it and even which bag to take.
This year was no different.

On Tuesday I finally settled on which bag to take. I had planned on taking a smaller over the shoulder bag, but it turns out that it's just that little bit too small.
So, I have settled on my Leather Tan Kate Benjamin bag with lots of room. The bag is heavy without things in it so I am still being strict with myself and still travelling light.

Last year I took 2 notepads, loads of pens, 2 drinks, and lots of other unnecessary items.
This year, I am cutting back.

I bought this notebook a while ago on ASOS, it was an absolute bargain. When making notes I prefer plain paper and am really messy. Lots of bubbles and spider graphs. When the notebook arrived it was too big for my smaller bag, my search for a new bag was a fail so I bought a new notebook, which although nice had lined paper. The realisation on Tuesday morning that I can now use this notebook made me far more excited than it should have done.
I also found this really cute pencil case on ASOS too, again at a bargain price. Because it is quite slim I thought it would be perfect to keep my pens together, because they are one thing I couldn't cut back on and have so far packed 4. I've also slipped some gum into the case too. (The Cosatto pen was given to me by Emma at last years conference and I've purposefully saved it for this year, because I am a loser).
I really want to make the most of my alone time on the train so I am taking my Kindle so I can read. I bought the Mary Poppins series specifically for the train and then bought Ghost Girl after recently finishing The Detectives Daughter. I was hoping to have read Ghost Girl before Friday but that will never happen so I think I will use the journey there, and back, to get the majority of it read.
I am soooo tempted to watch Captain Phillips on there since finding out I can get films on it but I really must resist.
I am lucky enough to be sponsored by Bump PR to attend Britmums Live this year. Instead of giving out business cards of theirs I have these postcards. The idea is to write down the things I am getting up to at the event, be it fun with friends or things I am learning. I will be getting some of my friends to fill in the postcards too but will also be looking for 5 bloggers who haven't worked with Bump PR to fill in a postcard too.
 I was able to get 50 Moo Cards free thanks to Klout Perks, I just had to pay for postage. I'm really pleased with these and really love the quote I chose to put on the back.
I didn't want to take my big Cath Kidston wallet purse so instead headed to TK Maxx and bought this leather Osprey coin purse. I can comfortable fit in my train tickets, a spare phone battery, bank card and some money too. I also bought a leather Osprey pencil case to use as a make up bag. I didn't want my mascara and lipsticks to get lost in whichever bag I took and this one is the perfect size. I'm wearing the Rimmel Colour Rush 'On Fire' on Friday and on Saturday will be wearing the Bourjois Sweet Kiss in 'Rose Corset'. Again, I have another pack of gum and a No7 Translucent Powder to avoid too many shiny moments. I will be repurchasing my concealor on Thursday so will be taking that too. All other make up will be in my luggage bag.
I bought a couple of these drinks for both days. This one is for the Friday and then I have one which is supposed to be good for energy and waking you up in the morning for the Saturday.
And lastly. My mobile phone of course, and after recently signing up to the Spotify Premium account (free for a month which I will cancel after Britmums) I purchased some headphones so I can listen to music at some point. I do like to listen in on peoples conversations though so may do this instead on the train.
A hairband and kirby grips are essential and tic tacs because....they are yummy. Simple as that.

Kirsty and Clara from My Two Mums and Hayley from Shutterflies have also posted about what they will be taking in their bag to Britmums.
We felt it was quite a daunting thing, even though ok it's just a bag but you know what us women can be like. We thought that as we are all different and will all be taking completely different items it would be good to share to give inspiration to others.

Aldi Outdoor Lantern | Review

Our garden has always been a work in progress. I have so many ideas of what to do with it but rubbish soil and a lawn full of weeds instead of grass really holds us back. We also have probably a few too many childrens toys which take up a lot of room.
I like to find ways to make the garden a nice space for my husband and me too, and it's my plan to eventually have a seating area for us with nice comfy chairs and tables.
But there are little things we can do to the garden in the meantime to create a "homely" relaxed atmosphere, perfect for sunny Summer evenings.

Aldi are a great place to shop for items like this. With a variety of items available in store as part of their Specialbuys range it's definitely worth a visit if you are on the look out. But, be quick, because once they are gone they are gone!
We were sent this outdoor lantern which has beautiful details on the windows/door and around the top. The door and windows are made from glass, rather than being open or being a tough plastic. This gives a real classy, expensive and almost vintage look to the lantern.

I really like the distressed paint look to the white version of the lantern, which is also available in black.
My husband hung the lantern from a branch on our willow tree and it looks so pretty hanging there, almost like a bird cage. I could just imagine the tree with a few of these dotted around sparkling when they have a candle inside. This really will create a homely feel to our garden and will be a nice addition when we make this part of the garden an adult space.

The outdoor lantern costs just £7.99 and is available from Aldi stores from Thursday the 19th of June.

I was sent the outdoor lantern for the purpose of this review.


The Little Things Party Website | Review

When planning a party for your child I'm pretty sure the majority of us would love that Pinterest Perfect Party. A buffet or snack table which looks as good as it tastes, or tastes as good as it looks. Party bags or boxes which will make all children leave with a smile and giving the parents nothing to complain about.
Low cost, easy to plan, and quick to put together in the limited time you have when you hire a hall.

When we chose the theme for the boys birthday party I was really pleased. Monsters University suited them both and would be a lovely colour scheme to follow and is still pretty recent so the boys friends would be excited by it too.
I went fully into Monsters University overload mode. And although very pleased with my choices already, I couldn't help but feel that I had neglected the party bags and decoration.

The hall we have booked isn't our first choice, but the price and size attracted us too much to not book it, so decoration is important because although the children won't notice the state of the hall, I will and I want to make a really good impression.

Party website The Little Things very kindly sent me some perfect pieces to fix my decoration woes. Not only do they suit our colour scheme and will make the hall look better, I also think they will create a pretty look to suit perfectly alongside the Monster theme.

The colours to fit our theme were teal and ocean blue. They not only compliment our theme but also look really pretty together.

We were sent:
2 fringe garlands
2 pom poms
Honeycomb decorations

I think these will really brighten up the walls and also help to create a nice welcome in the lobby when the guests arrive.

For party prizes we were sent these really pretty cones which are packed full of Millions. These would make a great alternative to party bags but for us will be perfect as prizes instead. The pretty ribbon at the top of each Million cone is so pretty and for the crafty mums would easily be reused, or of course could be tied in a little girls hair.

For the party bags we were sent some fantastic items which suit or theme and are sure to make the parents smile.
Firstly, Finger Frights. I remember these from when I was little and I think the children coming to the party will also love these.

Although I'm not overally keen on transfer tattoos for children these are brilliant because they are so fun. Monster Finger tattoos come in a pack of 10 sheets with 5 monster designs on each sheet. They are easy to apply to the skin with a little bit of water and could either be used as a party bag treat or could be applied at the party as an alternative to face painting.

With the party less than a week away I am feeling calm and in control, no longer worried about how to make it perfect for the boys.

The Little Things website is full of the most wonderful party items. From party decorations, party bags, birthdays, weddings and seasonal parties, there is something for everyone.
I think the products on The Little Things are different to other party sites as the pieces they stock can't just be found anywhere. I think the prices of each product is really reasonable and the site is very easy on the eye and easy to navigate.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them and also in using them for future parties.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review
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