Love The Little Things #23


This week the Britmums Live 2014 Bloggers Keynote was announced which was super exciting. I've known about Kirsty and me reading for a few weeks now and have done very well keeping it quiet.
I nominated Kirsty because I absolutely adore the post she wrote for me. I was on holiday at the time of it going live and managed to switch my phone on for a couple of times that day and the response was quite overwhelming. I felt, and still feel, like the post is really important and I think will make most people think about how they treat others.
Also, big news.....I FINISHED A BOOK!! Woohoooo!! Last year at Centre Parcs I started The Detectives Daughter and I absolutely loved it. I came home and carried on trying to read it but it was making my anxiety go a bit crazy so I had to stop reading it. After buying a new book for the train journey to Britmums I made myself finished The Detectives Daughter, and within 4 days I had gone from 28% to 100%. It was really great, and as a result I am totally in love with my Kindle and with reading again now.


Big Brother of course! I absolutely love it but these early days are a bit 'meh' as I think everyone is too fake, although it is interesting to see how they all adapt, when they change and the roles they slip into.


Thanks to Spotify I have made a 64 song favourites list for the train to Britmums. I've been having mini discos with Harry this week and he was super impressed when I danced along to Stop by The Spice Girls, and he was impressed that I knew all the words.


I'm still going strong with my diet and this week I made the decision to give running a go. At the moment I'm just sticking to fast paced jogging as I don't have any suitable running shoes or outfits but hopefully next week or the week after I will be able to make the leap and become a runner. Eek! I'm also considering buying a bike.


I have been trying on my outfits for Britmums this week and am pretty much decided on this for the Friday, with the jacket off for the Bibs.

And this for the Saturday.

And lastly...

I am really ahead with the boys birthday and after a couple more confirmed guests this week I have put together the party bags, which I am really excited about.
I have ordered the cake which is getting delivered on the Thursday (most probably when I am at the hairdressers....sods law), then I have Britmums on the Friday and Saturday and then it's the party. I am pretty sure I am crazy for booking the party the day after Britmums Live but hopefully it will take my mind off the fact that I'll be missing my friends.

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