Love The Little Things #24


I am fearing for my weight loss this week with various meals out planned over the next couple of weekends, plus two weekends including birthday celebrations.
I like to read the menu of places I am visiting, even if I have been there plenty of times, before I go. So this week I've been looking at the menu for our favourite Italian restaurant in Cambridgeshire which we will be visiting on Saturday to celebrate Charles' birthday.
On Sunday I am taking my mum to Prezzo. We have a experience voucher which gives us a 3 course meal each plus a bottle of Prosecco. My husband is going to his dads for the day with the boys so my mum and I will be getting the train to the town this Prezzo is in so neither of us misses out on Prosecco. I feel a long walk and run will be on the cards that evening.
I've also been looking at menus for places to eat at Britmums. So far Fridays lunch and dinner is looking YUMMY!!


On Saturday I went to the theatre with my mum to see A Murder is Announced. We were both quite disappointed really. The show wasn't that good and the audience were really annoying. I think most were attracted by the Buy One Get One Free deal and didn't really know what they were going to watch and laughed at parts that just weren't funny in the slightest.
Still, it was nice to have some time together and we used it as an excuse for me to stay over at my mums house for the night.


I've been really enjoying listening to my Spotify playlist this week. I've got some recent dance songs and then some older classic dance songs.
This is one of my absolute favoourites and I cannot help but want to sing it really loud as I'm walking/running around the field.


Lunch times have been oddly exciting despite my healthy eating plan. I've been keeping it all very simple but it's still been really tasty.


I know, I know. Broken record. Bore off Lauren. But this week these fab running shoes and running clothes arrived from Sports Shoes.com for me to review (I am very lucky). The running shoes felt so odd at first but very soon became very very comfortable. I can't believe how "easy" it is to run in them. The running capri tights are also really really comfy.
This week I also wore my colourful maxi for the first time in almost a year. I wore it to Britmums last year and had to wear Spanx with it, this year....no Spanx! Which made me very very happy, as well as very confident.

And lastly...

 Oh the weather has been glorious hasn't it? With no weekends free until the end of the month I took the opportunity to get the boys down the beach on Wednesday after school. They really loved it, despite me only giving them an hour to play. Happy quickly stripped down to just his pants, Charles had changed into shorts and they were running into the sea and running away from the waves. They both did somersaults (I'm so impressed that Harry can do perfect Somersaults at age 2) and made sand angels.
Such a wonderful, perfect hour.

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