Love The Little Things #25


We went to Duxford Imperial War Museum on Saturday to celebrate Charles' birthday. I saw this written on a few posters and postcards around the museum and it really connected with me for some odd reason. I couldn't resist buying a postcard of it at the gift shop and currently have it taped up near my laptop.


Again at Duxford, there were planes taking people up every so often and it was lovely to watch them taking off, flying and then landing. I'm actually scared of planes so it really tested my anxiety and so on but the boys really enjoyed it.
(This photo was taken by Charles on my DSLR)


Still loving Spotify I purchased some headphones so I can listen to music on the way to Britmums if I want to and also to listen to music when I go out to exercise. On Sunday I went for lunch with my mum and met her at the train station. As I walked there I was listening to my playlist and as I sat and waited for the train to arrive (my mum got on at an earlier stop than me) Kate Bush Wuthering Heights came on. I adore this song and have some wonderful memories due to it. I managed somehow to not sing as loud as I could in the train station whilst surrounded by other people.


It's the boys birthday party on Sunday.....argh!!!
I made them some fairycakes...ok that's a lie. I bought plain fairy cakes and have decorated them. They re not perfect but I'm sure 4 and 5 year olds will love them.


It's Britmums Live today....woohoooo!!! I wanted to wear pretty nails and after a vote on Instagram and asking Harry his opinion I have gone for this, and I LOVE it.

And lastly...

One word: packing. Nuff said.

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