Love The Little Things #26


Well, I had these great plans to read on the way to London and although I really tried with my book there was a lady sat near me who talked NON STOP for the WHOLE journey. I couldn't concentrate at all. I was quite frustrated really, although of course I'm not complaining because she has the right to talk but I was quite looking forward to that reading time.


It's been lovely reliving Britmums through peoples posts and videos. I particularly like My Two Mums video, not just because they are good friends of mine of course.


One of the highlights of the Saturday at Britmums Live was the bloggers keynote. I missed this last year but this year not only did I see it, but I stood on stage and introduced Kirsty's post I Don't Have To Be The Target.
I was so proud to be stood there with Kirsty and I think she did an amazing job.
I didn't read all of the keynote posts before Britmums because I wanted to hear them "straight from the bloggers mouth".  The three that stood out to me the most (other than Kirsty's of course), and had me choked up were:

Grenglish We Need to Talk About the M-Word
Sandy from Baby, Baby reading Adrift: A real life cancer story
Keynko reading I overhead what you said… 

These women were/are truly amazing to be able to stand there and read these posts. They must have been hard enough to write but to stand there and say them with so many people staring at you, and listening to you...such a brave thing to do.


Espresso coffees! I bought a jar of Nescafe Espresso and I ADORE it. It's perfect to quickly make before the school run every morning, especially now we've started to walk to school (for the extra exercise) and time is limited and I *NEED* that extra boost.


 Freshly coloured hair, pearls, a pout, and a smile.

And Lastly... 

I finally lost my Wagamamas virginity!! Wooohoooo!!
The duck dumplings were amazing as was the Katsu Curry (I think).
I will definitely be eating there again, well probably at our local one, not the one in London.

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