May 2014

Well, there goes May then.
Seriously, where the heck is this year going?

Looking back on May it seems like it was a bit of a haze really. I think we had so much going on, things we had planned and when it was time for these things to happen it seemed a bit unreal.
We went into May with Harry suffering with Chicken Pox. Charles had it in April and although Harry had it when he was a baby he seemed to have caught it again, and it was awful. He was covered and really struggled to cope with it. At the moment he is still left with scars which we are hoping will soon fade.
The school run was quite a nightmare as I didn't want to do the long walk to the Reception doors with him and have him mingle with the other babies, toddlers and pregnant mums so we parked in the car park everyday and walked to the office to meet Charles. It was a pain, especially as parking is pants at the school and the Headmistress approached me to see if I had permission to park in the car park and didn't like the fact I had arranged it with the receptionist. Maybe she didn't like the lack of control?

We had our weeks sailing course, which I won't bore you with again, and in this time the boys were mainly in my mums care.and it was odd. I of course trust my mum and it was nice to be me for a week and to relax although not completely relax as the boys were constantly on my mind. But I felt really disconnected from them and from real life as a whole. It's taken me a while to adjust still.

May also saw me really kick start my weight loss and "get healthy" lifestyle. Losing quite a bit of weight and starting to walk a lot more has made me feel a lot better about myself. I just need to stick to my routines and my diets.

I also managed a girly night in at my mums which was really lovely. Again time to just be me and to connect with my mum. We watched Bridesmaids and had a homecooked dinner and I slept over which I used to do a lot before I fell pregnant with Harry. 

We saw out the end of May on our boat as we were watching a race which happens every year. It seemed really fitting to see the month out on her seeing as it was an important month for us in terms of sailing due to our course and actually learning how to sail that month.

June is super super busy and we have plans every weekend which is really rare for us. I'm feeling incredibly stressed as I last minute plan birthday presents for Charles, a day out for his birthday plus sort everything out for his and Harry's birthday party....and prepare for Britmums Live!

Here are my Living Arrows photos for May. All taken inside, June will be different! 

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