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When planning a party for your child I'm pretty sure the majority of us would love that Pinterest Perfect Party. A buffet or snack table which looks as good as it tastes, or tastes as good as it looks. Party bags or boxes which will make all children leave with a smile and giving the parents nothing to complain about.
Low cost, easy to plan, and quick to put together in the limited time you have when you hire a hall.

When we chose the theme for the boys birthday party I was really pleased. Monsters University suited them both and would be a lovely colour scheme to follow and is still pretty recent so the boys friends would be excited by it too.
I went fully into Monsters University overload mode. And although very pleased with my choices already, I couldn't help but feel that I had neglected the party bags and decoration.

The hall we have booked isn't our first choice, but the price and size attracted us too much to not book it, so decoration is important because although the children won't notice the state of the hall, I will and I want to make a really good impression.

Party website The Little Things very kindly sent me some perfect pieces to fix my decoration woes. Not only do they suit our colour scheme and will make the hall look better, I also think they will create a pretty look to suit perfectly alongside the Monster theme.

The colours to fit our theme were teal and ocean blue. They not only compliment our theme but also look really pretty together.

We were sent:
2 fringe garlands
2 pom poms
Honeycomb decorations

I think these will really brighten up the walls and also help to create a nice welcome in the lobby when the guests arrive.

For party prizes we were sent these really pretty cones which are packed full of Millions. These would make a great alternative to party bags but for us will be perfect as prizes instead. The pretty ribbon at the top of each Million cone is so pretty and for the crafty mums would easily be reused, or of course could be tied in a little girls hair.

For the party bags we were sent some fantastic items which suit or theme and are sure to make the parents smile.
Firstly, Finger Frights. I remember these from when I was little and I think the children coming to the party will also love these.

Although I'm not overally keen on transfer tattoos for children these are brilliant because they are so fun. Monster Finger tattoos come in a pack of 10 sheets with 5 monster designs on each sheet. They are easy to apply to the skin with a little bit of water and could either be used as a party bag treat or could be applied at the party as an alternative to face painting.

With the party less than a week away I am feeling calm and in control, no longer worried about how to make it perfect for the boys.

The Little Things website is full of the most wonderful party items. From party decorations, party bags, birthdays, weddings and seasonal parties, there is something for everyone.
I think the products on The Little Things are different to other party sites as the pieces they stock can't just be found anywhere. I think the prices of each product is really reasonable and the site is very easy on the eye and easy to navigate.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them and also in using them for future parties.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review
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