What's in my Britmums Live Bag?

Last year I stressed about what to take in my "hand luggage" bag to Britmums Live. I stressed about what to put in it and even which bag to take.
This year was no different.

On Tuesday I finally settled on which bag to take. I had planned on taking a smaller over the shoulder bag, but it turns out that it's just that little bit too small.
So, I have settled on my Leather Tan Kate Benjamin bag with lots of room. The bag is heavy without things in it so I am still being strict with myself and still travelling light.

Last year I took 2 notepads, loads of pens, 2 drinks, and lots of other unnecessary items.
This year, I am cutting back.

I bought this notebook a while ago on ASOS, it was an absolute bargain. When making notes I prefer plain paper and am really messy. Lots of bubbles and spider graphs. When the notebook arrived it was too big for my smaller bag, my search for a new bag was a fail so I bought a new notebook, which although nice had lined paper. The realisation on Tuesday morning that I can now use this notebook made me far more excited than it should have done.
I also found this really cute pencil case on ASOS too, again at a bargain price. Because it is quite slim I thought it would be perfect to keep my pens together, because they are one thing I couldn't cut back on and have so far packed 4. I've also slipped some gum into the case too. (The Cosatto pen was given to me by Emma at last years conference and I've purposefully saved it for this year, because I am a loser).
I really want to make the most of my alone time on the train so I am taking my Kindle so I can read. I bought the Mary Poppins series specifically for the train and then bought Ghost Girl after recently finishing The Detectives Daughter. I was hoping to have read Ghost Girl before Friday but that will never happen so I think I will use the journey there, and back, to get the majority of it read.
I am soooo tempted to watch Captain Phillips on there since finding out I can get films on it but I really must resist.
I am lucky enough to be sponsored by Bump PR to attend Britmums Live this year. Instead of giving out business cards of theirs I have these postcards. The idea is to write down the things I am getting up to at the event, be it fun with friends or things I am learning. I will be getting some of my friends to fill in the postcards too but will also be looking for 5 bloggers who haven't worked with Bump PR to fill in a postcard too.
 I was able to get 50 Moo Cards free thanks to Klout Perks, I just had to pay for postage. I'm really pleased with these and really love the quote I chose to put on the back.
I didn't want to take my big Cath Kidston wallet purse so instead headed to TK Maxx and bought this leather Osprey coin purse. I can comfortable fit in my train tickets, a spare phone battery, bank card and some money too. I also bought a leather Osprey pencil case to use as a make up bag. I didn't want my mascara and lipsticks to get lost in whichever bag I took and this one is the perfect size. I'm wearing the Rimmel Colour Rush 'On Fire' on Friday and on Saturday will be wearing the Bourjois Sweet Kiss in 'Rose Corset'. Again, I have another pack of gum and a No7 Translucent Powder to avoid too many shiny moments. I will be repurchasing my concealor on Thursday so will be taking that too. All other make up will be in my luggage bag.
I bought a couple of these drinks for both days. This one is for the Friday and then I have one which is supposed to be good for energy and waking you up in the morning for the Saturday.
And lastly. My mobile phone of course, and after recently signing up to the Spotify Premium account (free for a month which I will cancel after Britmums) I purchased some headphones so I can listen to music at some point. I do like to listen in on peoples conversations though so may do this instead on the train.
A hairband and kirby grips are essential and tic tacs because....they are yummy. Simple as that.

Kirsty and Clara from My Two Mums and Hayley from Shutterflies have also posted about what they will be taking in their bag to Britmums.
We felt it was quite a daunting thing, even though ok it's just a bag but you know what us women can be like. We thought that as we are all different and will all be taking completely different items it would be good to share to give inspiration to others.
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