World Cup Widow

I have to be honest, part of the reason I love my husband is that football isn't a part of his life at all. He doesn't have a team he supports, and very rarely watches a game. He complains when football is on the tv because it's usually interrupting other programmes. Conversations with friends and family can be awkward if the topic of football comes up, especially when talking about a big game that was on the tv that night.
But, this all goes out of the window when the World Cup is on. He turns into a different man.
I will be stood in the kitchen and rather than hearing The Simpsons I am hearing cheering, and booing, and excited commentators and I realise that....I temporarily have a husband who likes football.

I have become a World Cup Widow. Something I never thought I would be.
When football is on I am trying to busy myself with other things. Heading off for a run, or a bath, or....doing housework.

Ladbrokes Bingo came up with a fun game for those of us who are not quite as passionate about football as others.
The World Cup Widows Bingo Card features lots of scenarios your partner is likely to do during the games and you cross off each as it happens. So far, I have 5 crossed off although not in a row.

To make the World Cup a little more fun in your house, if like me you are not a fan even if it is England who are playing, then this bingo card is certain to make it a little more bearable.

World Cup Widows
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