101 Things in 1001 Days

Start Date: July 23rd, 2014

End Date: April 19th, 2017


  1. Go for afternoon tea
  2. Go for a spa day
  3. Go to London with mum
  4. Visit the cinema alone
  5. Eat at a Mexican restaurant
  6. Watch the sunrise
  7. Watch the sunset
  8. Visit Scotland
  9. Have a child-free weekend away
  10. Go on holiday to Somerset
  11. Meet up with/visit 5 blog friends
  12. Watch 10 Tom Hanks films
  13. See an Orang-utan
  14. Do a Segway Experience with mum
  15. Learn how to change a tyre
  16. Visit 5 London Museums
  17. Complete an online course
  18. Visit 5 coffee shops alone
  19. Watch 10 classic films I haven’t watched before
  20. See Blood Brothers on stage
  21. Visit Blickling Hall
  22. Grow Butterflies
  23. Grow Ladybirds
  24. Visit Somerleyton Hall
  25. Watch Banger Racing
  26. Go to a murder mystery event
  27. Make 5 new friends
  28. Hire a bouncy castle for the weekend “just because”
  29. Try Oysters
  30. Take the boys on a road trip
  31. Have our own food festival
  32. Have a coffee and catch up with Sarah
  33. Visit the trout farm
  34. Take the boys to the Panto
  35. See 5 different shows all at different theatres
  36. Go to the cinema with mum
  37. Drive on a motorway
  38. Teach Harry to pedal with stabilisers
  39. Teach Harry to pedal without stabilisers
  40. Teach Charles to pedal without stabilisers
  41. Go in a hot tub
  42. Have a date night down the beach
  43. Do something special with Dale for our 30th
  44. Do something special for our 10 year wedding anniversary
  45. Do something special for Jonathans 40th.
  46. Read 5 books
  47. Watch 10 films in the dvd drawer that are still in the plastic packaging
  48. Watch 3 Men and a Baby followed by 3 Men and a Little Lady
  49. Learn all the words to Elton John’s ‘Step into Christmas’
  50. Learn the words to Vuelve
  51. Go fruit picking


  1. Bike
  2. 40mm lens
  3. New laptop
  4. Cath Kidston dress
  5. 3 statement necklaces
  6. Flowers for myself every month for a year
  7. New curtains for 3 bedrooms and the lounge
  8. Harry’s fingerprint in a charm
  9. Photos for Big Nanny


  1. Learn how to make Sushi
  2. Learn how to create and edit videos
  3. Make a daisy chain and a flower crown
  4. Photograph a day in my life every week for 7 weeks (1 on a Monday, 1 on a Tuesday etc)
  5. Complete a 1 month self portrait project
  6. Photograph a scene from the same position, on the same date, at the same time, every month for a year. (ie/ on the 10th of each month)
  7. Complete a ‘Where I Stand’ project for a whole month
  8. Make 5 different soups
  9. Create and Complete a photography Scavenger hunt
  10. Take a photo at the same time everyday for a month
  11. Use all the fabric in my current collection
  12. Make a skirt for myself
  13. Paint the rabbit hutch
  14. Get a notebook or scrapbook to document this project
  15. Go on 10 photowalks


  1. Sort photos on laptop
  2. Sort photos on hard-drive
  3. Print photos of Harry for our photowall
  4. Tidy, organise and add to my Pinterest boards
  5. Write a will
  6. Go for a bra fitting
  7. Sort a seating area in the garden
  8. Sort the top of our wardrobe
  9. Sort Jonathan’s shirts and give some to charity


  1. Sort sponsored posts
  2. Add tags on posts
  3. Be involved in something BIG
  4. Work with a mental health charity
  5. Start and stick to a blog project for a year
  6. Go to 3 conferences
  7. Complete the “50 Things That Can Free Your Mind” questions 


    92. Lose 1 Stone
    93. Perform 5 Random Acts of Kindness
    94. List 101 things that make me happy
    95. Send 5 cards/letters to people who have influenced me or made a difference to my life
    96. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself
    97.  Make a list of 15 things I don’t like about myself and make a point of working on what I can change or act on and what I just need to accept [amended] List 101 Quotes that inspire me.
   98. Wear dresses for a month
   99. Complete the 30 day shred
  100. Wear my hair down for a month
  101. Go make up free for a week
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