Monster Themed Party Bags

When it came to organising the party bags for the boys birthday party I had two things in mind:
1 - Keep it simple
2 - Stick to the theme

Our theme was Monsters University and whilst searching through the Sainsburys website whilst putting through my weekly grocery order I was able to find some mini Monster iced biscuits which feature both Mike and Sullys heads. I also found some Monsters University Orange and Strawberry Calypso Cups which I thought would be a nice addition as we were proving biscuits and of course a slice of birthday cake.

I didn't want to include too many toys in the bags and wanted something simple, and that would suit all ages and both boys and girls.
The Finger Frights were the perfect item. Not only are they small and rubbery meaning they don't take up too much room in a party bag, but they come in a variety of colours, sizes and with various scary expressions on their faces.

I also included some Monster Finger Tattoos. These come in boxes of 6 sheets, with 5 tattoos on each sheet. I included 2 sheets with each party bag, along with a printed note explaining what they are and how to apply them.

Both parents and children were impressed with the party bags. I think the fact that they were simple and not too overwhelming was a bonus and I felt comfortable and confident to pass them to tired but happy children at the end of our party.
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