My #RealMumsAllBran Challenge Experience

I grew up with All-Bran 'Original' and Bran Flakes always being a regular item in our food cupboard. I would eat them occasionally but never for the help with digestion, but more for the fact that I love the taste of it, particularly the Original if served with milk, apples chopped in and a teeny tiny sprinkling of sugar.
Now as an adult myself I do tend to buy All Bran occasionally, just simply because I like it or if I am taking any kind of medication which can affect digestion and bowels.

I was really quite excited when I saw that All Bran had released 3 new products which I was sent to try out as part of their 'All-Bran 5 Day Challenge'.
Confession: I don't eat breakfast, and at the moment I fast until 12 at which point I will have a light lunch followed by a heavier (but not too heavy) dinner at around 6 or 7 o clock. OR, again I will fast until 12, have a heavier lunch and then at around 6 or 7 o clock I will have a light dinner.

So using the All-Bran products as my lighter option has been perfect.
Everyday I measured out a 45g serving of my chosen cereal and decided to eat them without adding milk. This was for 2 reasons: 1, I am cutting milk down in my diet so only have it when really necessary and 2, I actually think that milk would ruin them as they are really tasty without it.

First up is the All-Bran Chocolate Crunch. I'm not usually a fan of chocolatey cereals but these are delicious.
All-Bran Chocolate Crunch is a light and crunchy multi-grain cereal made with wheat bran, oven baked into delicious clusters with chocolate pieces, so it’s not only good for your digestive health, but tastes great too!
Perfect to be served as a cereal at breakfast (with or without milk) these are also great to eat 'dry' as a healthy snack.

Second is the All-Bran Red Berry Crunch. I have to be perfectly honest. I didn't like this, but it is just a personal thing because I don't really like freeze dried fruit. However, I did at least try some and could see that this would definitely appeal to people who do like freeze dried fruit. In  fact this box will be heading home to my mums house as I know she will love this flavour.
And thirdly is the All-Bran Golden Crunch. This was another hit! As with the Chocolate Crunch I don't feel it is necessary to serve with milk and I liked this as a cereal for lunch or dinner but also as a picky snack.
Golden Crunch is a deliciously light multi-grain cluster, oven-baked to perfection for a golden crunch. Great for your digestive health, fantastic on the taste buds.
Since being on my healthy eating mission I think my digestive system and tolerance for particular foods has changed dramatically so I'm not sure I really noticed much of a change with the 5-Day Challenge.
What I can say though is that I did prefer this cereal to others on the market as they didn't make me feel at all bloated, or uncomfortably full. I also found that after eating each 45g portion, which was served alongside a black coffee and pint of water, I wasn't left feeling hungry or like I needed to grab a second helping.
I also tend to like adding sugar to my cereal but I didn't feel the need to at all with these at all.

My husband has also enjoyed these cereals and we are already on our second boxes of the Chocolate Crunch and Golden Crunch with I purchased in our grocery delivery this week.
I can see All-Bran becoming a regular staple in our kitchen cupboards now, just as it is in my mums.

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