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Wall stickers have always intrigued me. I love the idea of them being easy to apply, and easy to remove. After a bad experience with a cheap pack I bought at a local garden centre I have stayed away but when the opportunity came up recently to review some from My Wall Stickers I thought it would be good to give them a second go.

Harry's room has always been unfinished. I had great plans to fill this wall with photos of him and Charles, and other family photos but as it is an outdoor wall it is an absolute nightmare to hang photos and therefore it has been left blank (other than the frame you can see at the top of the photos). 

This was the wall I wanted to focus on and I was open to the idea of either filling it with a quote or with anything Harry is into. 
The site is full of a wide selection to choose from, with wall stickers for children or nurseries, to tiles stickers, personalised stickers and chalkboard stickers (which really appeal to me but I know my boys may then use it as an excuse to chalk anywhere).
It was when looking on the childrens wall stickers section that I spotted the perfect one for Harry's room.

Harry is a big Mickey Mouse fan and before Christmas last year we were able to take him and Charles to Disneyland Paris, which they loved. At that time I happened to find lots of Walt Disney quotes on Pinterest which I absolutely loved, and seeing one of them on the My Wall Stickers site I knew this was the one I had to go for.

With 20 colours to choose from I was stuck and didn't know whether or not to go for black, which I decided would be a bit too harsh for the soft colours we've chosen for Harry's room, and I was really tempted by Sky Blue. I worried it may be too harsh or maybe look a bit cheap but I went for it anyway....and I was glad I did.
The colour is beautiful, and I think the brightness of it is perfect for a child's room and also suits the quote perfectly.

The quote is quite large, 50cm tall x 120cm wide, but works really well on a blank wall in a small bedroom as it creates a beautiful feature. The text is beautiful classic Disney too, which Harry noticed straight away and this, as well as him recognising the word 'Disney' made him excited straight away. 

The wall sticker was super easy to apply and took me around 15-20 minutes to put up. If you make a mistake and get an air bubble on one of the letters it is easy to peel off and reapply. Once the stickers were applied I went over each one carefully again to make sure they were firmly stuck to the wall so they either didn't fall off and weren't easy for one of the boys to pick off. 

The Walt Disney 'If You Can Dream It' wall stickers cost £19.99 which for such a big feature I think is a fantastic price. 
Both boys were amazed at the wall stickers and I am over the moon with them. I really feel like they've made Harry's room complete.

We were sent this wall sticker for the purpose of this review.
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