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We can all remember how difficult it was learning how to tell the time. I personally remember shirking the responsibility and relying on my friends – who all had nice little watches – to tell me how long it was until class ended or until lunch began. This resulted in ongoing embarrassment and, some might claim, to my ongoing inability to turn up on time to any engagement.
Instilling in your child an appreciation for telling the time and using clocks and watches may well have an effect on their future's – if I'm anything to go by – so working out just how to teach them how to read a clock is an important task. The first thing to do is to ensure your child can count up to sixty. If they can't, then a clock's face will be like a Rubik's cube to them.

Go with analogue

It is important to teach children to read an analogue clock first as, in a way, it is the simplest format and a better representation of time than digital numbers. It is best to buy a simple, large clock which you can hold and point to while instructing them as to how reading time works. You can teach them the difference between the hour and the minute hand and test them every evening.

Paper plates can be a fun way to learn about time. Drawing your own clock faces and using coloured pens as hands, or pipe cleaners, will make it easy for the child to get a grip of how the hands move.

Get them interested

Reading clocks can seem boring to a child, so getting them interested in clocks by showing the inner mechanics of old fashion clocks or grandfather clocks can peak their interest. Showing them a sundial can also be fun for them. Keeping things fun certainly rolls into choosing their first watch as most children will prefer something they can show off to their friends.

Choice of watch

The first thing I will say is, don't get them a watch with a calculator on it! To this day, I swear having one of those is why I was bad at maths at school. I never bothered to learn my times tables. Instead look at something simple but of good quality like a Flick Flack. These feature fun characters and bright colours. When kids get a little older, G-Shock watches become popular, and these can be found in both digital and analogue. They are virtually indestructible and are usually water resistant.

When they are older

While you are teaching them to learn the time, you can think forward to the day that you might buy them a nice watch as a graduation present or a wedding gift. It is almost worth taking a little picture of them manipulating a paper-plate clock for them to have when they receive their first real Omega down the line!

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