Bella and Bear 'Eye and Mighty' Eyelash Curler | Review

I've never been blessed with long eyelashes. I've always relied on a good mascara to frame my eyes and to give me the eyelashes I've always envied in others.
When I was a teen I tried various eyelash curlers, mostly the cheapest I could afford and I didn't really feel they made a difference. I think this was a mixture of the fact that they weren't the best on the market and that I didn't really know how to use them.

Now I am 28 I feel I am more aware of make up that suits me and also of how to use products. I suppose being obsessed with watching beauty videos on YouTube certainly helps now too.

My basic everyday make up has mainly consisted of eyecream, eyebrow pencil, concealer, and mascara as well as foundation if I really need it.
Sometimes the mascara will work perfectly, and at other times it's as though it doesn't want to play nicely and will leave my lashes looking like tiny straight spider legs.

Recently I was sent the Bella and Bear 'Eye and Mighty' Eyelash Curler. I was really looking forward to trying this, particularly due to the fact that I have seen a few beauty YouTubers using eyelash curlers and I wanted to see if, now I am older and a little more wiser, I could get them to work for me.
I was immediately aware of how good the quality is. Especially compared to the ones I used to buy as a teen. They are really comfortable to hold and to use. The pad is also really comfortable and doesn't cause any pain or nipping, again as the cheaper ones used to do. If used correctly the pads will never need to be replaced.
Due to past experience I didn't expect much from these, but I was still willing to try and to give them a go. And, I was amazed to find that they actually worked.
I have small eyelashes, and do have a habit of picking my mascara off at the end of the day which in turn, makes my eyelashes smaller and sometimes quite uneven.
Using the eyelash curlers alongside a really good mascara made such a difference to my lashes. Not only do they curl upwards but they also separate a lot better and create a better shape.

The Bella and Bear 'Eye and Mighty' Eyelash Curler costs £12.99, is available to buy on Amazon and comes highly recommended by me.

I was sent the Bella and Bear Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curler for the purpose of this review.
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