Bella & Bear: Hair She Goes Spring Facial Hair Remover Kit | Review

So let's talk. Woman to woman, or woman to man (depending on who you are obviously). Let's assume you are a woman.
We have certain beauty regimes we may not want to talk about, through embarrassment mostly. I think most embarrassment comes from hair. Too much of it, or maybe there isn't too much but it grows in odd places, or places we would rather it didn't. Or it grows back too quickly.
Whatever it is, it can too easily make us feel self-conscious but there are lots of products out there that can help.
Razors, epilators, wax strips, cream....it's all there on offer and it can be overwhelming. Especially if you are buying wax strips regularly and you don't feel overally comfortable doing so because you feel self-conscious.

A fantastic product available to buy on Amazon from Bella and Bear called the Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit is perfect for any woman who has problems with facial hair, or as it says on the back of the packaging "soft fuzz and the dreaded moustache".

The packaging is really pretty and certainly attracts the eye. I love the colours of the products as it's a light coral/pink.
I'm fussy about tweezers and have always had issues with my eyebrows growing super quick, so much so that I pluck them everyday. These tweezers are easy to grip and easy to use. They do the job perfectly. I like the larger sized tweezers compared to the smaller, 'sharp' pointed tweezers, which also helps me to like these as they are exactly what I would choose normally.
The 'Hair She Goes' epilator does look a bit scary. I thought it might take me a while to use but with simple instructions on the back of the packaging I worked it out straight away.
Now, I don't have a big problem with facial hair at all, but can sometimes get that soft fuzz which I find can show up depending on what make up I have on. So I used the epilator to tackle these areas.

All you do is simply take the epilator in each hand, bend it, and place it onto your face. You then slowly rotate the epilator using the rubber handles clockwise and anticlockwise in an upwards motion.

I'm not going to lie. It can hurt, but it's nothing like giving birth so us ladies can easily cope with it. Rather than pain though I would simply just describe it as 'discomfort with a tiny bit of ouch'.
At £11.99 from Amazon it is well worth the price, especially as it eliminates any awkwardness you may feel at having to buy products from shops or to visit a beautician to help you.

*I was sent the Bella and Bear: The Hair She Goes Spring Facial Hair Remover Kit for the purpose of this review
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