CALAFANT Pirate Ship | Review and Giveaway | August #AsobiAmbassador

We were delighted to have recently been chosen as guest bloggers for the August #AsobiAmbassador project.
Our role consisted of us choosing an item from the CALAFANT model range, and reviewing it.

CALAFANT is 100% recyclable cardboard models that are easy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with! 
Whether your little one wants to create their own fairy-tale castle, pirate ship or tree house, CALAFANT cardboard models make these dreams a reality. Using an extremely sturdy, yet light and flexible cardboard material, CALAFANT has made it possible for every child to have their very own magical escape! All pieces are pre-cut and pre-punched and can easily be put together without glue or scissors, thanks to the CALAFANT slot-system. Once their masterpiece has been built, children can paint and decorate it as they wish and the final result is a toy they take great pride in! 

I was a bit apprehensive about the model at first mainly because of it being made out of cardboard. With two boisterous boys I imagined it broken before we had even finished making it. However, I was surprised at how robust the material is and quite liked being proved wrong.
Although the boys wanted to do the majority of the building it was a little too fiddly so they just watched me. It was a bit confusing but once I got into the swing of it it was pretty simple.
Things we liked in particular:

1: How robust it is. I liked the fact I was able to completely build it without anything breaking, snapping or ripping.

2: The size. This pirate ship is listed as 'large'. I wasn't quite sure how big it would be but I feel the size is perfect for my boys. It's not too small and delicate so if they want to role play using it then it's not likely to get broken. It can sit nicely on Charles' chest of drawers without taking up too much space.

3: Decoration. I absolutely love the fact that children can decorate their models however they please. As you can see below by our final piece our boys decided to keep our pirate ship very very simple (despite encouragement from me to make it nice and pretty for the blog. Pfft)
With the boys sharing the pirate ship I liked that we could separate certain parts so they both put their mark on it.

4: Prices. The prices of these are so reasonable. It might seem like a funny thing to pick as something I liked in particular but my boys were really impressed by the whole CALAFANT range and I have the image of us collecting pieces over a number of years and ending up with a really nice display. The fact that this won't cost a fortune and will most probably now involve a big pile of CALAFANT wrapped presents at Christmas because of the reasonable prices makes me really pleased!

5: It's original. I love the idea behind this. I like that children can be involved in so much of it, from the building to the decorating. I love that it can be a really good project to get siblings involved in together or simply a task you can set one child to by themselves.

6: The detail. I was really impressed with the details on the pirate ship, and the other products in the range. The treasure chest was something the boys particularly liked, the opening portholes and of course the sails and flags at the top of the masts.

7: Age range. I think this pirate ship is suitable for a range of ages. Harry is 3 and Charles is 5 and both enjoyed it just as much as the other. I think it's nice to have a product which children of different ages can focus on and work together to build or decorate together.

If you want the chance to win one of the CALAFANT [large] Pirate Ships thanks to www.kindtoys.co.uk then please fill in the Rafflecopter form below.
Terms and conditions apply, please read these before entering.
Kind Toys are kindly offering 20% of all Calafant items throughout September using the code “CALAFANT”.

Good luck!

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