Equip+: A Waterless Wash | Review

Life on a boat has it's struggles. We have to make sacrifices when it comes to things we usually take for granted. Water is limited so we have to limit how many cups of tea and coffee we have. We use alcohol gel on our hands instead of using the sink.
We spent 4 nights on the boat and struggled with the lack of washing. We couldn't find any showers near where we were moored so the baby wipe wash was all we could manage.
When we got home I noticed a delivery from Equip+. Equip+ sell a range of waterless wash products which are ideal for anyone who camps, goes to festivals, holidays in a caravan or takes mini breaks on a boat...so basically anyone with limited access to a bath or shower.

I was sent a variety of products to try, and unfortunately due to another boat deciding to not follow simple sailing knowledge and managing to crash into our boat we haven't had a break on her since the end of July, so I used the products at home instead.

I really love the idea of these products and in terms of boating they are ideal as we have limited storage and want something we can use and then throw away. 

To get a negative out of the way first, the only product I didn't like much was the Waterless Shampoo Cap. It was easy to use and surprisingly made my hair wetter than I thought it would, and when I first brushed my hair I was convinced. But after less than 5 minutes my hair became really knotted and felt quite dry and coarse. After washing it with my normal shampoo it was back to normal.
I can't say that I wouldn't recommend it, because I think the idea behind it is genius and really helpful, but it didn't suit me therefore I wouldn't use it again. Everyone reacts different to particular shampoos so I guess I just don't react well to this one.
The other products I really like. 
The Protective Wipes contain coconut and Canadian Willow Herb to help soothe the skin. These gives the wipes the most beautiful scent which along with the wipes themselves makes you feel really clean. These wipes include a 6-in-1 Formulation for your most private places. Cleansing, moisturising, anti-itch, barrier protection, deodorising and soothing.
The Oversized Wipes are not too dissimilar to the protective wipes. These contain coconut extract for cleansing, aloe vera for soothing, and organic Karanja Nut glycerin for moisturising. I really like these wipes and again felt clean after using them. The scent is nice, although not as pretty as the Protective Wipes.
The pack of 4 Super-Thick Wash Mitts are brilliant if you need that feeling of a thorough wash. These are individual spun-lace mitts, strong enough for large areas and hard to reach places.

The sizes of the wipes and mitts was perfect I feel and I particularly liked that they are large and not "baby-wipe sized".
The wipes are all dermatologically tested and pH balanced. Clinically tested and safe for skin.

Other than the shampoo cap I would repurchase the wipes and mitts as I think these are essential items for any holiday or mini break where showering isn't practical (or indeed possible).

The Equip+ range is available to buy in Sainsburys and Tesco.

 We were sent these products for the purpose of this review.
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