Introducing Eggs to my Diet

When the decision came for me to change my eating patterns and what I was consuming I cut out a lot of my favourite things such as bread, pasta, potatoes and looked at what else I could be introducing to make my diet better.
I upped my intake of fruit and vegetables, and cutting out milk from my coffee and not having tea anymore meant I made sure I was eating cheese with certain meals so I was getting the calcium (I weigh every piece so I am not going too OTT on the calories).

I also increased eggs in my diet. I have always had an on off relationship with eggs. I can go a while without eating them and then eat them every single day. So since my healthy eating kick I have made sure that eggs are part of my lunch or dinner every day.

Egg nutrition isn't something I was completely aware of before and I didn't realise how good and how beneficial eggs can be to our diet. After reading the information given by British Lion Eggs I have found out that they are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. I've been really thinking about the different ways I can cook them and serve them and have found some new weird and wonderful combinations.
Scrambled eggs are no longer cooked with butter and milk but simply with a small spoonful of Ricotta cheese. They are also beautiful scrambled together with black grapes...yeah I know, weird but really, it works.

One of my favourite meals, and this really surprised me as I hate bananas, is the banana pancakes (recipe here). The fact that is is full of goodness, is easy to make and just includes two simple ingredients makes this so perfect for a busy mum wanting to not only eat well herself, but to also feed her children good food too.

I also have a twist on the two ingredient pancake coming up on Thursday. It's a gooden!

I'm always on the look out for other healthy egg recipes, do you have a favourite you'd like to share?

high quality protein, vitamins and minerals
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