Jackson Reece 'Kinder by Nature' | Review

My mum and I always joke about baby wipes, mainly because since becoming a mum I don't go anywhere without any, even if the boys are not with me.
I have a pack of wipes in the car and in every bag, as well as spares in almost every room of the house.
I am quite fussy with the wipes I use. I don't like anything that is too heavy, wet or has a strong scent.

I was sent some Kinder by Nature Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitiser by Jackson Reece to review.

Our story begins back in 1999, when our beautiful son Jackson was born. We were so excited with our healthy bouncing baby, but at eight months Jackson developed baby eczema. To our horror, he became very unwell after using steroid cream which not only thins the skin but destroys the immune system. We also discovered that the alcohol present in many baby wipes compounded the condition, which just didn't seem right. Our first thought was "there has to be a natural wipe available that doesn't contain these types of chemicals?" We explored all the leading wipes and found none that offered an alcohol free, natural herbal alternative.
As parents we felt we had no choice but to explore developing our own wipe that would protect and soothe our baby boy's delicate skin. After years of exhaustive research and steadfast determination, we successfully designed our own unique cleansing wipes that contain naturally occurring ingredients. Coinciding with the birth of our second son in 2003, Reece, the concept for Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes was born.
The unscented baby wipes are made from natural aloe vera and purified water and don't contain any alcohol or other nasty chemicals which could harm the skin. The wipes are 100% unscented, fragrance and perfume free.
I really liked the baby wipes and found them not only to feel soft to touch, but I felt like they were really kind to our skin.
We tend to use baby wipes to clean our hands or faces now rather than....well, for other jobs, and I do worry about drying out their skin or irritating their skin particularly on their face but these wipes really seem to do as they say and are kind to the skin.

Hand sanitiser is something we are very familiar with since buying the boat. Due to being limited with our water supply we go through a ridiculous amount of hand sanitiser and one of the downsides to this is that the smell can be quite strong and there is only so much of that strong alcohol smell you can take until you feel quick sick.
I also find it hard to prepare food, or even eat food, with the smell of alcohol gel on my hands.
The Kinder by Nature 'Mucky Mitts' Hand Sanitiser is fantastic because not only is it a thinner but it is in a spray rather than a thick gel that we have to squeeze out. The spray bottle is also easier for the boys to use and they don't end up squeezing too much out causing it to drop all over the floor which is what tends to happen with the thick gels.
I also like the shape of the bottle and find that it is easier to store in my handbag or in the washbag on the boat.

The Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature range is available to buy from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Mothercare, Kiddicare and the most recent stockist Boots!
I'm so impressed with the wipes, and the hand sanitiser in particular, that they will certainly make a regular appearance in our Grocery order.

We were sent the wipes and hand sanitiser for the purpose of this review.
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