Nautical Fashion and Colder Weather

I think one of the things that shocked me most about sailing was the constant change in temperature.
You can be sailing along with the hot summer sun on your back and then all of a sudden you hit open water where the wind wipes round and you require some kind of cover up.

As we near the end of the season I am becoming more aware of what kind of wardrobe I need for sailing, not only because of the unpredictable weather but also to cope with the minimal storage.


Loose shorts are a must in the summer. Not only are they comfortable and keep you cool but they are easy to store away in a small drawers and also make moving around the boat easy.
On the flip side I much prefer skinny jeans to loose trousers as long as they have some stretch in them. When moving around the boat there are many hooks, ropes, crutches and so on which clothing could get caught on and there's nothing worse than moving to the front of the boat to unhook a loose rope to then end up with clothing caught on something.


My wardrobe is full of vest tops which have become my saviour when on the boat. I think the most important thing to do is to layer up so vest tops are essential.
Jumpers and cardigans are also essential and I like to wear a thin women's sweater rather than a thick one as, like I said, it's all about layering and with the weather and temperate changes it's best to have something you can simply grab and put on, or easily take off and throw into the cabin mid-sail.


We are yet to join the 'boat shoe crew' and for me it's about using what I already have. I actually prefer to be bare food on the boat, I find it comfortable and easy when sailing or when moving around the boat.
The two shoe options I rely on the most are my Converse because they are not too chunky and the sole is great because it grips easily if the deck is damp.
The other option are my Sun Jellies which were originally made for the boat industry so it seems right that I wear these on our boat. They are ideal when it's raining and for hot weather too as they do keep my feet cool. They also grip really well on the decks and make me feel safe if I do have to make a quick emergency trip to unhook something.


I don't wear hats of any type on the boat. My husband recently lost his in the water and our sailing instructor also lost his when we had our weeks training which then resulted in a 20 minute rescue mission as we sailed around the broad trying to scoop the hat out of the water...which wasn't easy when we were first time sailors and the water was really rough so we kept losing sight of the hat.
Instead I rely on hairbands and headbands. With the Summer comes festival session and I've made use of this in stores and bought some beautiful floral headbands. I don't want to lose my girly side and just go slummy when on the boat so buying things that still make me feel feminine are perfect.

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