Teddy Bears Picnic with Waitrose

When having a day out we tend to go through that dilemma of 'should we grab something [overpriced] there or take a picnic?'.
This summer I have made a conscious effort to picnic more, I think maybe this is due to making Charles his lunchboxes for school and realising how cheap and easy it is to put together a lunch that doesn't need to be fussy and over the top.

Waitrose contacted me and asked if we would like to have a teddy bears picnic courtesy of them. We were sent a £60 voucher to buy some essentials for the picnic and we were also sent a copy of their teddy bears picnic game.
I have been into alphabet games with the boys for a long time now, but we usually write down the letters of the alphabet and then try to find items beginning with that letter. The Waitrose game is a lot more simple and was almost like a treasure hunt for the boys as they had specific items to look for.

With a busy few weeks visiting friends and having family visit us we didn't find time to have a teddy bears picnic, however the game is perfectly suitable for any day out so whilst we visited a steam museum with beautiful gardens we took this as the perfect opportunity to play the game.

The suggested age for the game is 4+ Harry really took to it and Charles looked on proudly as his brother managed to find some of the items.
The boys can tend to get bored just sitting around eating lunch so we used the game as a distraction and they ticked off as much as they could whilst we sat and eat, and then continued as we walked around the beautiful kept gardens.

Visiting Waitrose to pick up some picnic items was quite a treat for me. We don't have one nearby so I had to make a special trip and I was glad I did. 
I picked up a beautiful picnic blanket, which is something I have wanted for a long time, for £18. I was surprised at how big the blanket was once we had unrolled it and the quality of it is fantastic.
We also picked up some orange plates with matching cups and napkins (also the matching table cloth which we want to keep to use on the boat).
I was really impressed with the picnic range. There are a lot of items available and the colours all compliment each other so you can mix and match across the range.
I liked the variety of paper cups and plates available alongside more durable plastic cups and plates too.
One of my favourite finds was the little picnic storage pots. These came in a pack of four all in different colours. I used these to store our grapes, some nuts and crackers and the size is really quite deceiving, I was able to fit a lot more food into each pot than I thought. The pots feel really tough, and didn't break or split when I dropped one on our tiled kitchen floor.

I think for any future parties or family picnics I would definitely make a special trip to Waitrose. The classic styles, variety in the ranges and reasonable prices really attracted me, as well as the fruit which all looked so fresh I had to stop myself standing in the store and picking at it there and then!

We ignored the grey clouds rolling overhead and enjoyed sitting on our lovely new picnic blanket, picking at our Waitrose lunch and were able to relax whilst the boys took part in their challenge. The game will definitely be an essential item in our picnic hamper in the future now.

We were sent a £60 Waitrose voucher and a copy of the Teddy Bears Picnic game for the purpose of this post.
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