The Summer Cycle Mission

I think it's nice to set your children targets. Nothing with too much pressure. But something with excitement.
An achievement target.
This is something I like to do with my boys and for Charles we have two targets for the end of the summer.
1: Ride his bike without stabilisers.
2: Touch a big snail.

It has been quite a struggle to get him to feel confident enough to try and ride without his stabilisers. Harry would share Charles' bike until he got his own for his birthday and although I had removed the stabilisers before this they still somehow made their way back on.
Our garden isn't huge but I was able to get him to ride from one side to the other, mainly to show him that he can do it. He's been able to pedal his bike since he got it for his 3rd birthday so the big challenge to work on was his balance.

He didn't seem all that confident so I felt that 6 whole weeks of encouragement and opportunities to get out of the house and practising would be good for him.
What I didn't expect was for him to actually ride off, confidently, on his first trip out.
He cycled down a lane, through puddles, over stones and muddy turaine and didn't fall off once.
I couldn't have been any prouder and the most wonderful sound was of him shouting "Mummy I'm doing it, look watch me!" every 5 minutes. I was so so lovely to hear him confident and enjoying himself.

So with that one thing crossed off before the holidays even started and whilst he was still at school we have even more time to conquer his snail fear...

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