Challenge 10 Fitness Diary | Week One

Last week I wrote about Challenge 10, a project set up by My Two Mums where 10 bloggers will train for 10 months to eventually run 10 miles, as a group.
We started the project on September the 1st and I really thought I would feel into it straight away. Unstoppable. But....it's really been a fail. I think this is for a few reasons.
1. School starting for Charles
2. Preschool starting for Harry.
3. A family thing.
4. Time of the month.

I've not felt like I had the energy or the confidence to get out there and run, or walk or whatever. I went out once, and although I know this sounds silly, I felt like it was a complete and utter fail, mainly because there were cows on the field I like to run around and really let myself go, and as much as I want to do this I certainly do not want to be racing/be chased by 15 cows to achieve it.
Still I walked a different route and missed out on the running because of massive muddy puddles.
Although this was a fail in terms of running it gave me the chance to work on my anxiety, which the last two times I went running was really high and because of that I went home after 15 minutes.

On Thursday I decided to walk to collect Charles from school. We went a long route there, and then went the long route home, and ended up walking 5 miles (altogether) in an hour, which I am really pleased about....even thought I was shaking when I got home. But still, knowing I could do that, also with the walk home involving a few stops whilst we had a drink, was good for me.

Yesterday I went for a long walk with my brother, which included carrying the pushchair up and down some stairs and pushing the pushchair, with Harry in it, up some steep steps, as well as pulling the pushchair, again with Harry in it, along a sandy/stoney beach. I felt like I had quite a good workout and it felt really good, I really enjoyed it.

My diet this week has been pretty poor, although when I have had a really bad day I am trying to be good the next, and sometimes I think it's a good thing to at least be aware of where you are going wrong, so you can fix it or adjust later on to get yourself back on track.

My measurements for this week have changed despite no weight loss so I'm pleased with that at least.
I know that I am holding myself back, and I have identified the reasons and I will work on those. I know that I need to get my head into the right zone, plan when I can go out and the different places I can go, this will all be easier when Harry is at preschool as I will have around 2 and a half hours everyday childless and a run back from preschool will be a great first step and way to really test myself at first.

So, week one was fail week. Week two will be better.
I don't want to put too much pressure on myself because I don't want to resent running or exercise and want to feel like it is a chore.

From now on, more exercise and better eating. Back to no takeaways although this week will be tough as we have a family meal planned on Thursday and also on Friday, plus a day out on Sunday that will include cake but I will be extra good at lunchtimes and also exercise a lot to balance it all out.

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