Challenge 10 | The Beginning

At the beginning of this year I made the decision that enough is enough. I had been unhappy with my body for so long and I had to accept that I was the only person who could make the changes and result in me looking in the mirror and being happy.
I seemed to instantly get into this zone and rather than it being a diet to shift the weight, I instead went for a complete lifestyle change. This meant less takeaways, calorie counting and walking when I could.
Journey's to and from school were mostly done by foot rather than in the car, unless completely necessary.
I soon found that I had gone from 14st 10lb to 12st 7lb. And it felt good.
I started going for "walky joggy runs" in the evening once the boys had gone to bed. It was basically a fast paced walk with the odd sprint and jog thrown in here and there. Again, it felt good. I could feel changes in my body and I liked it. And as a result I started to like my reflection more and changed the way I dressed.

Shifting another half a stone was hard, but I eventually did it in time for Britmums Live and reached 12 stone. It was an amazing feeling.
But...I've stayed that same weight for 2 and half months now, with my weight fluctuating between 11st 8oz and 12st. I know my issues:
1: I lost my routine with going for runs in the evening due to other plans in the school holidays
2: Due to the school holidays I didn't get my 6 mile walk everyday.
3: I relaxed on my healthy food intake and let myself have "naughty food". I'm not too ashamed about this because I think the difference to before is that I am now aware of calories and I know that if I have a naughty day then I need to make sure I am good for the rest of the week, or need to exercise to balance it all out.

I know this is something that will get better when Charles returns to school this week, and also I have the extra journey of getting Harry to preschool. I will have extra time in the morning and afternoons to go for extra long walks/jogs and will have to have a pretty good excuse to get out of it.

When My Two Mums asked for bloggers and vloggers to join them on a fitness challenge I took a deep breath and thought "what the heck" and applied.
The fitness challenge is called "Challenge 10". It is 10 bloggers all committing to train to run 10 miles in 10 months time.
What am I thinking?!

At the moment do I think I can? I'll be honest. I'm worried. I didn't do well in cross country at school so how on earth will I manage this?
Determination will get me there. And I want to succeed. I want to achieve it.
I know that with the right training and planning I can get there.

I think being a part of a team will give me the encouragement and push to get along with it.
No excuses.
I want to feel like I am answering to someone else, and not just myself. If it's just me, then I will accept my own excuses.

I'm going to share my experiences on a weekly/fortnightly basis. I want to document it all as a diary to look back on, to show what I have achieved, and to work on improvements.

My plan for week one is to get my muscles and joints moving again, work out a schedule and also consider working out a meal plan for each week. I also want to work on my anxiety when going out as the last 2 times I've been out I have come home pretty quick because I felt so anxious and paranoid.

I'm excited to be part of this challenge and to be working alongside my friends and other bloggers too.

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