How To Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

I see myself as quite a good driver, and in the past year have made a few long journeys which really tested my confidence.
These journeys took 3 hours and in the lead up I did have concerns about whether or not I could do it, or what I would do if my car was to break down!

Thankfully my husband is pretty good with cars and was able to do all the necessary checks for me and with my longest road trip booked for April next year we thought it was good for me to know what to check for on the car and to prepare for the journey home when my husband won't be there to help.

Firstly, and maybe the most important. Check your MOT. Both of my road trips this year had their problems, and this was one of them. We were due to leave on the Sunday and the day before my husband realised the MOT had run out. This then resulted in us hiring a car for my 3 day break. Adding that expense to the MOT charge, and the fact that my car actually failed and needed work done to it wasn't great. So, although it may seem like an obvious thing to check, it's worth doing anyway.

One of the things that worries me the most about road trips are my tyres. I have no idea how to change one and have just learnt how to put more air in them and that in itself is a horrid job. I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to the tyres on my car but that's the great thing about the internet isn't it? Being able to find all of the information I needed online at Point-S car tyres as well as being able to purchase new tyres, took away a lot of the stress and hassle.

The other problem I had when I was going on a road trip earlier this year was a chipped windscreen. I drove around with it like it for a couple of weeks but didn't want to risk it with a long journey. Sorting out the replacement was probably one of my greatest achievements since owning a car. This could have been a pricey repair but we took out windscreen cover with our insurance company which made the overall cost to us just £50. If you are insured with just 3rd party, fire and theft then definitely consider getting the windscreen cover added to your policy too.

Alongside chips in the windscreen it's essential to make sure that you have topped up the screen wash and that your wipers are in good condition. These little jobs don't take long to check or to fix and also don't cost a lot of money.

I think an essential piece of kit for every car, other than a first aid kit and so on, is a mobile phone charger that plugs into the adaptor. We have one of these and also a usb port in my husbands car to make it even easier to charge our phones. Although phones are great in terms of what we can do on them these days, it seems that almost every phone has poor battery life and one of my biggest fears is breaking down and having no way of contacting anyone for help, or indeed witnessing an accident and not being able to phone 999.

What are your essential road trip tips?
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