It's Not a Myth

I clearly remember before my wedding day, everyone told me to enjoy it and soak in every second because it goes so quickly.
They were right. It goes so quickly and you definitely miss so much.
People said the same about having children. That time goes so quickly and before you know it you are waving them off to school.
This didn't seem true during the newborn days. The long sleepless nights, the long days full of numerous nappy changes, hour long feeds, watching the clock until it's time for your partner to get home from work so you can go to the toilet by yourself.

This month saw some big changes in our house. Charles returned to school and joined Year 1. Year 1 seems like "proper school", not that reception wasn't, but now it's time for learning and it's exciting. He is excited which is the best bit for us.
I love it when he comes out of school with a new "Mummy, did you know......" and then telling me all about the facts he learnt that day.
I don't love the mornings where he takes forever to get ready, with me having to remind him countless times to brush his teeth, put his shoes on, or to get daddy to sort his collar out. But walking him to school, kissing him goodbye and giving him a tight squeeze, wishing him a good day and saying 'I love you' as many times I can before I really need to leave, I realise that actually, those newborn days don't really feel that long ago.

As I now do the same to Harry, and drop him off at preschool, a proud smile beaming across my face at the boy who wasn't at all daunted by his first day and week at preschool and got himself settled within minutes, already claiming to love his keyworker, and everyday so excited as I tell him it's time to put his tshirt on and get ready to leave.

It doesn't seem like long ago that we were dropping Charles off at that very preschool, in the same colour tshirt, handing him over to the same keyworker who he also fell in love with.

I go home and sit there and as I'm getting on with my chores (apparently you're not allowed to sit and watch tv when you're children are at school, you have to be productive!) going through the boys washing I look at the size of their tshirts, the labels that say age 3-4 years and 5-6 years and wonder where on earth those days went where I was looking at 3-6 months.

I keep thinking back to time before school, and how we filled our days. I have a lot of regrets, a lot of things I wish I did. I was always the "there's no rush" or "we'll do that tomorrow/next week/at the weekend" kind of person and those things never got done.  You don't get that time back.
And although I sometimes feel sad as I wave goodbye to my boys and watch them settle into this place where they grow without me, where they don't need me, the place that limits our time together I remind myself how well they are doing, how much they have grown and what a good job we have done to turn them into these confident children who are excited about learning.

The best part of my day is meeting both boys from school and getting the biggest cuddle from them. These cuddles mean so much more to me than ever before and each time I try my best to hold on just a little bit longer and a little bit tighter, and appreciate it a little bit more.

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