Job Searching: Where to Start.

1. Think of your key skills. What makes you a good person to employ? What makes you different to others? Think out of the box, not just "I am trustworthy, I am a good time keeper". What makes you unique.

2. List your experience. This can be from work placements at school, Saturday jobs, babysitting, to full time employment. Even your experience as a parent! Some of these may not be relevant when it comes to applying for a particular job but by making this list you can see where your key strengths are and you can work your CV around these.

3: What are you passionate about? Fashion, football, food. Making a list of your passions can help you to discover what your path may be and will help when it comes to job searches.

4: What motivates you? Maybe you want to work in sales and having a target motivates you. Maybe helping others, or being creative motivates you and would leave you feeling excited at going to work everyday. Maybe money motivates you, there is nothing wrong with that.

5: Think about factors that may get in the way when it comes to work hours. Will you need time off if your child is sick? Will you be limited because of your partners hours, or through working around term times and school hours?

6: Think about what kind of job you would like to do. Do you want to work outside, or in an office? Do you want to work face to face with customers or behind the scenes somewhere?

7: Work on your CV. Your CV is the first introduction a possible employer will have of you. Make it a good one. Research online to find good examples of a CV and base yours around those. Look at the things you have previously listed and use those to great a CV which will WOW a potential employer.

8:  Work on your cover letter. This is something I struggled with when I first started applying for jobs when I left school. I didn't feel that, at the time, there were the right resources out there to help me write a good cover letter. However now the internet is full of fantastic resources so do your research. Make sure your cover letter is professional but also inject a bit of your personality too. Don't be robotic.

9: Know where to look for a job. Your local paper and shop windows are ideal if you want something local and specific like a job at a corner shop or supermarket. For places further afield and in other industries job boards such as City Calling are ideal. Not only can you search for jobs, but you can also set up a profile and be emailed with any jobs that fit your requirements.

10: Be brave and take chances. Don't shy away from jobs just because you think others won't think you are capable of it. If you believe you are the right person for the job then work hard to prove it. Sell yourself, be brave and show how much you want it.

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