Love The Little Things | 26/09/14

Lets completely forget how I managed to go from being obsessed with the Love The Little Things Linky, hosted and created by Morgana, then completely not being able to get round to joining in again after Britmums Live this year. Anyway, it's about time I got back on it as I've been promising myself every week that I will join in again and then completely miss the boat.


Last week we had a catch up with some of our sailing friends and after a few wines they brought out some very treasured books. My husbands excitement couldn't be contained, he has been trying to get some of these books for so long but they are really hard to come by. Our friends let us bring the books home and we've been having a lovely time reading them. 
The books are from the 1930's and the 1940's and even include our boat in the original brochure, as well as other boats we are moored up with or see as we sail. 
I also bought my first magazine for a long long time this week. Glamour magazine was one of my favourite magazines at one point, and it does tend to be the one I go for if we have a long journey or if I just get some time to myself. I really like the mix of celeb stories, advertorials and real life stories.


I've made a real effort to watch films recently. With a child free weekend, and my husband out at work, I snuggled on the sofa with a blanket and nursed my hangover with Philomena. I was expecting this to be hilarious and not have a dark side because of Steve Coogan but was really quite sad. I thought I had predicted the ending but it was clear pretty soon that I hadn't. I loved how this film almost sets you up with predictions and then completely banishes them.
I didn't expect it to be quite so sad, but it really was an amazing film. I know Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge, living with a radio presenter means I have had to watch every episode countless times, so I am so used to him being in that role but it was a refreshing change. He is a very talented man.

I also watched 'Our Girl' on BBC1 which I thought was amazing. I can't wait for next weeks.


I bought some new dresses last week and am doing that really sad thing of waiting for a special occassion until I wear them. I know, loser right?!
I've wanted a denim dress for a while now and spotted this one on Dorothy Perkins ages ago but the shape looks a bit weird online, just it could have the potential to make me look pregnant so I was really eager to try it on when I saw it on the hanger (on the sale rail, woooo!!) in our local Outfit store. Oh my, I love it so much. I think it looks super cute with Converse and will also be ideal in the colder months with either my wellies, wellibobs or with tights and ankle boots. I may have also purchased this dress but with a daisy print all over it too!


The boys have both been so funny recently, but I have no idea where to start with quoting them.
Charles, after being invited out for a bike ride with his daddy: "Yes daddy. Mummy, you'll have to stay at home and do housework."

Me: "I love hearing about what you learn at school. You should tell me more about what you learn because it's so interesting."
Charles: "Well, if you go on the school website then you'll find out." (they have their own class blog)

 Harry finds it hilarious to call everyone a "business" or "businesses". He current favourite put down is "you are a terrible business".


Sometimes Chicken Supernoodles are essential. To make it better, there is a low fat version! Woohoo. Over 100 calories less than the normal one.

and lastly..

I have fallen in love with the Happy Jackson range. I bought a pencil case from their ages ago and have since bought 2 notebooks too. It can be quite expensive so I only buy something if it is a real bargain and so far I have done well.
My newest notebook is my favourite. I'm going to be using it for my therapy homework and ongoing "treatment" for my depression. I wanted something that made me feel positive and that would remind me that the book is supposed to be about happiness and positivity in my life rather than the negative thoughts and feelings I get.

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