Salads for all Seasons

Since I went my "it's-not-a-diet-its-a-lifestyle-change" diet I noticed a big change in the foods I was attracted too in the supermarket. Counting calories worked a treat and no longer would I look at a pork pie and drool but instead look at a pork pie and gasp at the fact that almost all of my recommended daily allowance of calories was used up in such a small item.

I found myself attracted to fruit and veg and before long I was mixing all sorts of weird and wonderful items together to come up with lots of different salads.

I think there does seem to be a misconception that a salad just means lettuce, cucumber, tomato and not a huge amount more, especially not warm foods.
I worried a lot about what I would eat in the colder months. I don't want to replace these beautiful healthy plates of lettuce, black grapes, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for hearty stews full of all the carbs, all the salt and all the calories.

I want to be able to work salads into my meals in the colder months, either by using warm vegetables or adding a handful of Florette salad onto the side of a pasta dish, or with a pie.
I've been researching a lot for healthy salad recipes that will help me to maintain my current weight, and hopefully help me shift some more lbs and found a lot of hot salads that suit perfectly.
I was one of those people who thought salads = cold, but it's not the case.
Take the below recipe for roasted carrots. I made this last week and it was delicious, in an addictive "I want to make this everyday" sort of way.

Throughout my recipe researches I've realised that salads can be made up from a whole range of ingredients, can be really basic or be a little more fancy.
The best thing for me about salads, is that not only are they healthy but they are super tasty, are great to experiment with, introduce you to new flavours and the best thing for me, is learning that they are perfect all year round.
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