School Holidays Week Five | Playdates, Lunchdates and Preparations

Week five of the school holidays was again a mix of busy and then calm. We seem to have had a pattern of 4 crazy busy days then 3 relaxing days.
This week started with a bank holiday. We had a wonderful Sunday sailing in the afternoon, mooring up at one of our favourite spots and setting up for the night. We ate Lasagne, salad and a really yummy cheesy tear and share bread, and clinked plastic cups filled with red wine [adults] and juice [boys].
I'd like to say it was the best night sleep we had on the boat, but it wasn't. It wasn't the worst by any means, but let's just say that geese clearly like to stay up until the very early hours of the morning. 2am I looked at the clock thinking it was at least 7am judging by the noise outside.

When we did wake up for the day we enjoyed coffee, teas, pancakes and porridge. We planned to go for a quick sail and then to aim to moor at our private mooring at lunchtime as there was heavy rain forecast. As we thought about getting ready to go we noticed....it was raining. And it didn't stop. So, we motored down to our mooring, and with a break in the rain we got our stuff back to the car and headed home.
The rest of the day was spent doing housework and building train tracks.

On Tuesday we went for lunch round a friends house. This is one of the mums I made friends with at the school, one of her daughters is Charles' age and the youngest is Harry's age, so it's nice to get together. Another friend and her son (also Charles' age) went along too so we had a lovely catch up whilst all the children played.
Our friend lives nearish to us after recently moving so we were able to bike/walk round to her house which was lovely.

On Wednesday we went on a little road trip to my mother in laws house. She had set up a lovely lunch for us and then we sat in the garden and had a chat whilst the boys played. It was really wonderful and I love that we have that kind of relationship that I can go round there without my husband too.

The rest of the week was preparing for the return to school this week. We had uniforms to collect and try on, and last years uniform to check and to organise.
I also tried (and failed) to get ahead on washing and so on as I really wanted to make the most of the last few days with both boys at home together, and then with Harry by himself as he prepares to start preschool.

Where has this Summer gone? It's gone by so quickly.

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