Coffee, To Do Lists and Snacks #morningwin

It's safe to say that mornings in our household  can be a bit hectic, as they can in many a house with children of school age.
A 5 minute delay in a well oiled routine can ruin everything and before you know it you are longing for the 7pm bedtime.
Breakfast is always a funny one here with the boys. Cereals go in and out of fashion and then there are the days when they want porridge. Now, I don't know about you, but whenever I have to cook porridge it throws our morning routine out of the window. It takes longer than a normal bowl of cereal and then there is the cooling down time. And lets not even talking about the meltdown if we don't have a sneaky spoonful of Nutella to add to the bowl.

I've never been one for breakfast, in fact I have a personal rule (not one I make my children follow) of not eating until 12 as if I eat before I end up binge eating all day.
However, sometimes I need some energy or a little snack depending on the days plans, or if it's an afternoon preschool day a 12 o clock lunch tends to be pushed to 1 o clock and sometimes I need a little something to keep me going.
As a rule we don't have biscuits in the house. Three words 'Late Night Snaking', but after recently discovering belVita breakfast biscuits I have relaxed this rule somewhat.

Sometimes when I sit at my laptop with a hot black coffee, and no children as they are at preschool/school, I do think it would be the perfect opportunity to have a cheeky snack. belVita breakfast biscuits are ideal for this.
Packed with 5 wholegrains plus other delicious ingredients they are super tasty (I highly recommend the hazelnut dipped into black coffee! Heaven!) They are the only breakfast biscuits proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours as part of a balanced breakfast.

There's nothing quite like starting your morning with a hot cup of coffee, a tasty snack, and a pen and paper to write your daily to do list. By the time you have charged your batteries with the snack and coffee you are ready and raring to go. And by the time your list is done, it will be time to have a coffee and snack again.

Although these are called Breakfast biscuits I quite happily eat them all day. I think these make a great snack throughout the day, particularly mid afternoon and the boys are loving coming home from school and sitting to have their hot chocolates with 3 biscuits on the side as a special treat.

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