Creating Blog Content: How to Find Inspiration

One of the toughest things about blogging is when you come up against a wall and you have nothing to write about. It might not even be that you have nothing to write about, you might have a lot to write about, but can't work out how to write it, or even find the motivation or passion to do so.

I've had moments like this, and have set myself up with a plan to overcome these moments, or at least be able to ride through them and still feel like I have some control over my blog and the content.


I have a collection of posts which constantly sit in my drafts folder. These posts are either half finished, or need words added to a photo, a photo added to go with the words, or are just posts that I set aside for if/when bloggers block strikes. Make these posts easy to access and easy to publish, preferably as simple as doing them on your phone. If you are having bloggers block then reaching for the laptop isn't something you'll want to do that often, but being able to quickly pull these posts up on your phone and hitting publish makes life a lot easier.


I think it's easy to sometimes become stuck with your content. I go through moments of having so many things to say that I have to write everything down, to then feeling like there is absolutely nothing whatsoever to write.
I think collaborating with others, be it bloggers, brands or a digital agency, such as Total Media, is a good way of keeping your blog fresh and your mind ticking along. It can also create new ideas and even new avenues for your blog to go down that you maybe didn't think of before.

Say it with photos

Sometimes a post full of photos can tell your reader more than your words can, or do just the same job. Not only that, it can also create intrigue and conversation if your reader wants to know more.

Use Pinterest

I've had an on/off relationship with Pinterest but recently have really "got" what it is all about. I'm finding a lot of inspiration from there for all sorts of things in my life, my blog included.
The great thing about Pinterest too is that you can write a simple post on your blog of things you have recently pinned. Giving a round up will entice people over to Pinterest to follow you, and your boards, as well as giving your reader an insight into the kind of things you are into.

Use Instagram

As with Pinterest, some of the simplest posts I see particularly on the lifestyle blogs I follow are ones that update the blog reader on "life lately" via a collage of recent Instagrams. Simple posts like this also show that you constantly have blog content there, in your hands.


I really love the idea of interview style posts, but rather than you interviewing someone else you are interviewing yourself.
I particularly like the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind, and with something like this can be broken up into a series of posts. It's simple content that is almost set up for you, and also gives you the chance to have fun answering the questions as you go.


Linkies offer a lot of inspiration when it comes to content. A particular favourite of mine is Love The Little Things hosted by Morgana at But Why Mummy Why, simple round up of little things from your week which are split into categories. This linky, and others like it, provide easy content for your blog whilst you find your feet again (and are also great to join in with on a weekly basis even when you have found your feet!).


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